Asher Gerard : Facts About Red Gerard’s Sister

Asher Gerard is the sister of Red Gerard. Asher Gerard’s brother, Red Gerard, is a popular American snowboarder. He also works as the spokesperson for Toyota Motor Corporation and is an Olympic Gold medalist for the United States of America.

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Who is Asher Gerard?

Asher Gerard was born in Rocky River in the year 2011. She is 12 years old now. She is the daughter of Conrad Gerard and Jen Gerard, both natives of Colorado in the United States. Her nationality is American, and she belongs to the white ethnicity. She has blonde hair and dark eyes.

She has other siblings, including her brother Redman Gerard. Together with all her other siblings, they grew up in the mountains of Colorado. Before the family came to live in Colorado, they had lived in Cleveland.

Asher’s interests include fashion, snowboarding, hiking, interior design, travel, and beauty. Her interest in fashion has made her a part-time fashion lifestyle blogger. According to her bio on her blog, she helps teenagers like herself, who have not yet become women, find clothes that fit them well. She shares her fashion styles on her blog.

Asher attended Frisco Elementary School, the same school his brother, Redman, attended. A few days after her brother won his gold medal for the United States, he visited her in school. He signed autographs with students and teachers. He also answered questions from those in the school.

Asher shared stories of his brother’s win at the Olympics with her friends in school. This is more reason she convinced her brother to visit her in school. “I was just home for a night,” Red said, “and I just wanted to get it in. I know it meant a lot to Asher to meet her schoolmates.”

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Bio Summary : Asher Gerard

Full NameAsher Gerard
Date of Birth2011
Age12 years old
ParentsMother : Jen Gerard
Father : Conrad Gerard

Asher Gerard’s brother, Redman, is an Olympic Gold medalist.

In 2018, Asher’s brother, Redman Gerard, represented the United States of America in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in snowboarding. The event was also known as PyeongChang 2018 and was held in PyeongChang, South Korea. It was held between the 9th and 25th of February of that year. The event was the second of its kind held by South Korea, involving different kinds of sporting activities.

Redman participated in slopestyle and big air events in snowboarding during the event. In Slopestyle, Asher Gerard’s brother won a gold medal, making him the youngest American to win a gold medal in snowboarding. Even though the event was his first time competing in the Olympics, he made the United States proud.

Red Gerard was predicted to win a gold medal by the American sports magazine Sports Illustrated a few months before the events. The prediction was based on Red’s performances in 2017. He had participated in various snowboarding events earlier, with top-notch performances.

Asher’s family has a snow park in their backyard.

Asher’s family, which consists of her parents and siblings, has built a snow park in the backyard of their Colorado residence. The family, who used to live in Cleveland, Ohio, decided to build a mini snow park after moving to their current place.

The idea of the snow park was first brought up by one of Asher’s brothers, Brenda. He saw that the sloppiness of their backyard was perfect for a snow park. The family park is named Redsbackyard. It has its own Instagram Page with numerous followers.

Red Gerard, who started snowboarding at age 2, is known to have perfected his slopestyle at the family park.

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Asher Gerard has seven siblings.

Asher Gerard is not the only child of her parents. She has seven siblings from her parents, Jen and Conrad Gerard. Her siblings are Trevor Gerard, Creighton Gerard, Brendan Gerard, Tieghan Gerard, Malachi Gerard, and Redman Gerard.

Trevor is the eldest sibling, and he is a filmmaker. He is also known as the one who started the trend of snowboarding in Asher’s family. Creighton is the second oldest sibling. He is also a snowboarder, just like Red Gerard. The next in line is Brendan, who initiated the idea of a family snow park.

Tieghan is the first daughter of the family. She works as a food blogger and has many social media followers. She is also a bestselling author of Half Baked Super Simple. Malachi follows Tieghan, and he is a freelance filmmaker. He films all of their family’s videos.

Asher’s siblings are all talented and excelling in various fields of endeavor.