Beatrice Schy: Who was Abe Vigoda’s second wife?

Beatrice Schy: Who was Abe Vigoda's second wife?

Beatrice Schy was a celebrity wife known for being the second wife of the American actor Abe Vigoda. Beatrice’s husband, Abe Vigoda, was a popular actor in the late 70s and widely remembered for movies like The GodFather (1972), Barney Miller (1975) and Fish(1977).

Who was Beatrice Schy, Abe Vigoda’s second wife?

Beatrice Schy was born in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. Her date of birth was November 1, 1919, and she passed away on April 30, 1992, at age 72. She was the daughter of Karl Schy and Annie Schy, both natives of Cook, Illinois, in the United States.

Beatrice was not the only child of her parents. She had three other siblings: Art Schy, Nettie Schy, Charles Schy and Nathan Schy. Though born in Los Angeles, California, Beatrice spent most of her childhood with her siblings in Cook, Illinois.

Information concerning her educational background remains unknown since she successfully hid most of her details from the media. Her husband, Abe, on the other hand, studied acting with the American Theatre Wing. Before acting, he enlisted in the United States Army and served during World War 2.

Beatrice Schy was married to Abe Vigoda until her demise in 1992.

Beatrice Schy: Who was Abe Vigoda's second wife?

Abe Vigoda, whose career started in his twenties, married Beatrice Schy after divorcing his first wife, Sonja Gohlke, in 1963. Abe and Sonja married in 1939 and were married for close to 24 years. Their union resulted in the birth of a daughter named Carol Vigoda.

There is no information on how Beatrice met her husband, Abe, but we know they officially married on February 25, 1968. Their wedding ceremony was simple and private, with few family and friends in attendance.

Beatrice Schy remained married to Abe Vigoda until her demise in 1992. She died of complications from throat cancer. She was succeeded in death by her husband, Abe and her stepdaughter, Carol. Her mortal remains were buried in New Jersey, United States. She did not have any biological children with Abe.

After Beatrice passed away, her husband, Abe, did not marry again until he passed away on January 22, 2016, at 94. He was also succeeded in death by her only daughter, Carol. According to Abe’s Wikipedia, he died in the house of his daughter, Carol. He died of natural causes.

During their marriage, Beatrice and her husband, Abe, used to attend many public events together. Amongst such events was when Getty Image photographers captured them together in a Los Angeles, California event in 1980.

Beatrice’s husband, Abe Vigoda, was a renowned actor of his day.

Abe Vigoda, Beatrice’s husband, was born on February 24, 1921, to Samuel Vigoda and Lena Moses. His parents were immigrants from Russia to the United States with Jewish roots. He had two other siblings, Hy and Bill Vigoda.

Abe started his career in acting at the young age of 20, but he had his debut movie role in 1947. He started landing major roles when working with Broadway productions in the 1960s.

Some of his movies include The Man In The Glass Booth (1968), Three Rooms In Manhattan (1965), The Cheap Detective (1978), Look Whose Talking (1989), etc.

During his career, People Magazine mistakenly reported that Abe Vigoda was dead. This incident occurred in 1982 but was later rubbished as a false reportage. At that time, Abe was 60 years old. He even made fun of the news of his death on several platforms.

At the time of his death, Beatrice Schy’s husband, Abe, was worth an estimated net worth of $ 10 million. His worth was from the money he made from his movies and other deals he signed during his career.