Belmaris Suazo: Everything About Francisco Gattorno’s Wife

By | September 28, 2023
Belmaris Suazo: Everything About Francisco Gattorno's Wife

Who is Belmaris Suazo?

Belmaris Suazo is a writer, poet, journalist, and activist from Puerto Rico, birthplace of Arecibo. She has an enduring desire for reading and the arts and went to the University of the Sacred Heart to study journalism and creative writing. Belmaris is married to Francisco Alejandro Gattorno Sánchez, a Cuban-Mexican actor recognized for known movies Italian Bride (2014), Mabel Valdez, periodista (1979) and Before Night Falls (2000). The couple got married in the year 2001 and produced two daughters, Isabella and Carolina Alicia.

Belmaris Suazo has supported the rights of women, LGBTQ+, Black, and Latino people in several marches and demonstrations in Puerto Rico. He was given the Puerto Rican Youth Institute’s 2019 National Youth Award in the area of Art and Culture. She is one of Puerto Rico’s most well-known writers and journalists today, working as a freelance journalist and writer.

It is, however, unclear if Belmaris Suazo and Fransisco Gattorno are still a couple. This is because Adamarys Espinosa, a young woman, and Francisco are presently dating. When the COVID-19 phase was in progress, Francisco’s girlfriend proposed to him in the middle of the live event. Francisco’s girlfriend, Adamarys Espinosa, reportedly asked him to marry her. In spite of the fact that the Cuban actor accepted her proposal during the interview, he subsequently said that he was happy with Adamarys but that he had no plans to wed her.

Belmaris Suazo is a creative writer

Belmaris Suazo has a lifelong passion for reading and the arts and attended the University of the Sacred Heart to study journalism and creative writing. In 2008, she started her writing career by submitting poetry to periodicals and anthologies.

Belmaris Suazo’s debut poetry collection, “Sonic Journey,” was released in 2011. He has now written numerous additional works, including “The Art of Unlearning” and “Formulas for Self-Destruction.” Along with writing, Belmaris González Suazo is well-known for her political and social engagement.

Francisco Gattorno: Belmaris’ husband

Belmaris Suazo’s husband, Francisco Gattorno Sanchez, was born on October 12, in the year 1964, in Santa Clara, Cuba. He was born into an ordinary Cuban household, whose father and mother are still unknown. Francisco, in contrast, is 57 years old and a citizen of Cuba. Through viewing Spanish-language television programs as a kid, the actor first became interested in acting. Because of this, he followed his goals on his own, despite his parents’ objections to being an actor.

Before completing his education at a university in Mexico, the actor studied acting and directing in his home, Cuba. Baseball was Gattorno’s top sport throughout high school. Gattorno’s career in the entertainment industry got off to a shaky start with bit parts in movies like Hoy Es Siempre Todavia (1986) and Una Novia para David (1985).

However, his versatility allowed him to star in a variety of films due to his uncanny ability to adapt and portray any character. As a result, he went on to perform the roles of Aquiles in Amores Difficiles and Enrique in I Sell My Dreams. Francisco has also appeared in movies like La Desalmada, El Senor De Los Cielos with Gustavo Casasola, Hijas De La Luna with Alberto Centeno, Sacramento River with Ammal, and Italian Bride with Anibal. Marjorie De Sousa, an actress and actor, also exhibited scenes from her film True Love.

In his lifetime, Francisco has been married twice. At the time, the actor was married to Cynthia Klitbo, an actress, but sadly, their marriage did not last long, and they finally got divorced. The second wife of the well-known Mexican-Cuban actor is known as Belmaris Gonzalez Suazo. Online reports claim that he wed Suazo in 2001, and the pair have been married to each other for about 20 years. In addition, Isabella and Carolina Alicia were the names of the two girls Gattorno and his wife, Belmaris, gave birth to. However, it is unknown whether or not the couple is still together since Francisco has a girlfriend and has made it public, as mentioned earlier.