Brad Macmath: The Man To Whom Joni Mitchell Lost Her Virginity

By | July 5, 2023
Brad Macmath: The Man To Whom Joni Mitchell Lost Her Virginity

Brad Macmath is a former boyfriend of Joni Mitchell. Brad’s ex-girlfriend, Joni Mitchell, a Canadian-Americac musician, is known for her many music industry achievements, including winning ten Grammy Awards and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. The Rolling Stone magazine has also described her as one of the greatest songwriters ever.

Who is Brad Macmath?

Brad Macmath was born in Regina, Saskatoon, Canada, where he has lived almost all his life. He is a Canadian citizen and belongs to the white ethnicity. His actual date of birth is unknown since there is not enough information on his personal life available online.

Brad attended Calgary’s Alberta College of Art & Design. He graduated the school skills and a certificate in art and design. He took a career as a portrait photographer in the city of Toronto, Canada.

He rose to the limelight when Joni Mitchell publicly called out to her missing daughter of thirty years. The missing daughter is a child Brad and Mitchell had together in the 60s.

What happened between Brad Macmath and Joni Mitchell?

Brad Macmath and Joni Mitchell met when they first entered Calgary’s Alberta College of Art & Design as freshers in 1963. A few weeks after their first meeting, Brad proposed to Joni, who gladly accepted the proposal. They started dating right from that moment.

During their stay in the school, Joni was a member of the school’s bowling club. She also participated in the school’s beauty pageant, finishing as a runner-up. She also bought her first 12-string guitar to spice up her musical career, which was developing then.

In Brad Macmath and Joni Mitchell’s graduating month, it was found out that Joni was some months pregnant. Both partners welcomed the news of the pregnancy, but their relationship went south a few weeks after graduation. They broke up and went their separate ways.

After the breakup, Brad went to pursue his career in Toronto. Joni went to live in Regina, where she singlehandedly took care of the pregnancy. She gave birth to a daughter, Kelly Dale Anderon, on February 19, 1965. She is 56 years old now.

Brad Macmath did not take responsibility for the child. Therefore, Joni gave her out for adoption in a foster home. Joni did not go back to check on the child again because she was busily building her career. She had kept the story of her daughter and sad past away from the public until December 1996, when she publicly appealed to her ”lost daughter to contact her. To date, Kelly Dale Anderson has not been found.

Brad is an irresponsible man, as it has been discovered that he has had other children with other women and has refused to take responsibility. Joni has been married twice, and both divorced. She has had no other child apart from her child with Brad.

Brad Macmath’s ex-girlfriend: Joni Mitchell

Brad’s ex-girlfriend, Joni Mitchell, was born on November 7, 1943. She is 79 years old now. She was born in Fort MacLeod, Alta, in Canada. She holds dual citizenship, Canadian and American. She belongs to the white ethnicity.

Joni is regarded as one of the most influential singer/songwriters of the 20th century. She specializes in the folk, rock, pop, jazz, and blues genres of music. She is known for her unique songwriting style, centered around her personal life experiences, social issues, and environmental awareness.

She has eight Grammy Awards to her credit. Some of her well-known songs include Big Yellow Taxi, Both Sides Now, A Case of You, River, and many others. Her career started in 1964 but took a four-year break in 2002 and resumed in 2006. She took another break from 2013 to 2022 but is currently active.

Her networth is estimated around $150 million as of 2023.

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