Carolyn Hockett: Who was Mickey Rooney’s seventh wife?

By | June 6, 2023
Carolyn Hockett, Mickey Rooney's ex-wife

Carolyn Hockett, an American native born in 1944, is famously known to be the ex-wife of Mickey Rooney. Carolyn’s ex-husband, Mickey, was a famous actor, producer, radio entertainer and vaudevillian. A vaudevillian is a person known to write or perform in vaudeville shows. Vaudeville shows were like a form of light musical drama that involved spoken dialogue and songs and was known throughout Europe. 

Carolyn married Mickey Rooney in 1969, she was 23 years younger than Mickey, but the love they had for each other was strong enough not to have anything come between them. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1975 after about six years of being together. The divorce was filed based on financial instability. Carolyn Hocket was Mickey Rooney’s seventh wife out of eight wives he has been married. 

Carolyn was known to have worked as a secretary before marrying Mickey Rooney. A lot is known regarding what she did after that. It is believed Carolyn Hockett preferred to keep her life private. Therefore, only a few details regarding her career are known to the public.

Carolyn had two children with Mickey Rooney.

Carolyn Hockett and Mickey Ronney had two children, a son Jimmy Rooney and one daughter Jonelle Rooney. Carolyn Hockett and Mickey Rooney adopted Jimmy, but Jonelle was born in 1970. Jimmy and Jonelle have other stepsiblings from Mickey’s past and subsequent marriages. Only a little information is known about Jimmy Rooney besides being adopted, but Jonelle Rooney was known to be an actress.

Jonelle Rooney was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 11, 1970, to late American actor Mickey Rooney and Carolyn Hockett. Jimmy Rooney, Kelly Ann Rooney, Kimmy Sue Rooney, Teddy Rooney, Mickey Rooney Jr., and Tim Rooney all had the same father. Michael Rooney and Kerry Rooney. 

Jonelle Rooney made her professional debut in 1999 with a series of advertisements for Garden State Life Insurance Company. In one of these situations, she washed fictional dishes. Jonelle Rooney worked with Rainbow Puppet Productions, voicing Mother Goose and the Master Toymaker in the kids’ show Pirate Party. The musical is still touring theatres today. She has also appeared in other films and television series, including The New Adventures of Heidi (1978), The Black Stallion (1979), and The Love Boat (1980).

Mickey Rooney, Carolyn’s ex-husband

Carolyn Hockett’s former husband, Mickey Rooney, was born on September 23, 1920, in Brooklyn of, New York City, the one child of Nellie W. Carter and Joe Yule. Mickey’s mum was a chorus girl and burlesque performer from Kansas City, and his father was a Scottish vaudevillian who relocated to New York with his family members when he was three months old. They resided in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighbourhood. 

Mickey was an American actor for nine decades. He starred in almost 300 pictures and was one of the last silent-film stars to live. From 1939 to 1941, he was the top box-office draw and one of the highest-paid actors. At the peak of a career punctuated by falls and comebacks, Rooney played Andy Hardy in 16 films in the 1930s and 1940s that exemplified popular American self-image.

Carolyn Hockett’s ex-husband married eight times.

Carolyn’s former husband, Mickey Rooney, was married eight times, six of which ended in divorce. In 1942, he married his first wife, actress Ava Gardner, who was still a young sensation then. They split the next year, mainly due to his alleged infidelity. Rooney met and married Betty Jane Phillips, who became a vocalist under the name B. J. Baker while stationed in the military in Alabama in 1944.

They have two children together. When he returned from Europe after WWII, his marriage ended in divorce. His 1949 marriage to actress Martha Vickers resulted in one son but ended in divorce in 1951. 1952 he married actress Elaine Mahnken, and they divorced in 1958.

Mickey Rooney married model and actress Barbara Ann Thomason (aka Carolyn Mitchell) in 1958. Milos Milos, a stuntman and actor, murdered her in 1966 and then shot himself. While Rooney was away, Thomason and Milos had an affair, and authorities suspected Milos shot her because she wanted to terminate it.

Rooney later married Barbara’s best friend, Marge Lane, but the marriage barely lasted 100 days. From 1969 until 1975, he was married to Carolyn Hockett. Jan Chamberlin, Mickey’s eighth and last wife, married him in 1978. Their marriage lasted 34 years, longer than his previous seven marriages combined. They did, however, divorce in 2012.

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