Claudia Lovera: Facts About Bobby Dean’s Wife

Claudia Lovera: Facts About Bobby Dean's Wife

Claudia Lovera is a TV producer and director who is known for her work on Cleansed (2011), Last Confession (2010), and Dollface (2011). She is also known to be the wife of Robert Bobby Deen, the son of celebrity chef Paula Deen, since July 13, 2013.

Claudia and her husband have been married since July 2013

Paula Deen hosted a surprise wedding ceremony for Robert (Bobby) Deen and Claudia Lovera at her home in Savannah in July 2013 Georgia, on July 13, 2013. The pair who got engaged in the spring and got married later that year, married in front of around 75 guests.

A visitor who was present at the wedding said, Claudia Lovera looked stunning in a one-shoulder, long, off-white gown with sky-high heels. She carried a little bouquet of greenish-white hydrangeas, which Paula hugged while crying throughout the vows. Bobby was dressed in a linen suit with a boutonniere

The guests were offered mixed fare, including fried green tomatoes and empanadas. .”They’re a charming couple who are obviously in love,” Lewis added. “It didn’t feel like a celebrity wedding”.They planned to have another wedding at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in the fall of 2013.

Claudia Lovera has triplets with her husband, Bobby Dean

Claudia Lovera has triplets with her husband Bobby Deen; a son, Linton Deen, and two other daughters, Olivia Maria Deen and Amelia Ann Deen, all born on October 16, 2018.

Unfortunately, the pregnancy turned into a high-risk situation that required her to be in the hospital for a long time. Her triplets Linton, Olivia, and Amelia arrived nearly four months early. She was 26 weeks and four days pregnant when they were born. 

Fortunately, she and her children’s situations improved over time, and they were able to spend their first Christmas together as a family. Claudia Lovera expressed gratitude for her toddlers, and she also shared some advice with her followers who had friends or family members in the hospital during the holidays.

Amelia’s middle name is Ann, after her paternal grandmother Paula Deen. Olivia was named after her maternal grandmother, Maria. Linton is the fourth generation to have the name. It was passed down from his great-great-grandfather.

Claudia’s husband, Bobby Deen is a celebrated chef and author

Claudia Lovera’s husband, Robert Earl Deen, was born on April 28, 1970. He is a television chef, TV personality, and restaurant manager from the United States. Bobby and his brother debuted their program, Road Tasted, in July 2006. They subsequently decided that they wanted to dedicate more time to their family business and did not continue as Road Tasted hosts. The original show has now been renamed Road Tasted with the Neelys, and it now features Food Network hosts Pat and Gina Neely.

Robert, has written numerous books, four of which he co-wrote with his brother. The Deen Bros. Cookbook – “Recipes From the Road (2007)”, “Y’all Come Eat (2008)”, “Take it Easy (2009)”, and “Get Fired Up (2011)” are among them. “From Mama’s Table to Mine”, his first solo book, was a No. 1 New York Times Bestseller in early 2013 and in 2006, Claudia’s husband was named one of the “50 Most Eligible Bachelors” by People magazine.

Robert Deen had a past relationship with American actress Katy Mixon in 2010. However, the pair never married and found it difficult to get along for a long time.

Paula Deen, Claudia’s mother-in-law, is also a renowned chef

Claudia Lovera’s Mother-in-law, Paula Deen is an American celebrity chef, cookbook author, and television personality. Born on January 19, 1947, in Albany, Georgia, she gained fame for her Southern cooking style and comfort food recipes. She has been an important figure in the lives of Claudia and her Husband. She even has one of the triplets, Amelia Ann, named after herself.

Paula Deen has faced controversies in her career and in 2013, she came under scrutiny and faced backlash. This was for admitting to using racial slurs in the past. This incident led to the cancellation of her shows on the Food Network and several endorsement deals.

Despite the controversies, Paula Deen is still active in the world of cooking, continuing to write cookbooks and make public appearances. She has also opened new restaurants and launched her own digital network, the Paula Deen Network, where she shares recipes and cooking videos.