Cristall Orton: Who was James Drury’s first wife?

By | June 26, 2023
Cristall Orton: Who was James Drury's first wife?

Who is Cristall Orton?

Cristall Orton was the first wife of James Drury. Cristall’s late ex-husband, James Drury was an American actor, who rose to prominence during the 1960s, and is widely remembered for his role in a Western television series titled, The Vriginian. The show was aired weekly on National Broadcasting Company (NBC) from 1962 to 1971.

Cristall Orton was born with the birth name, Cristall Othones, as to how she got the name ”Orton” is unknown. She is an Americn woman who became famous for her marriage relationship with James Drury. Before her union with James, she lived a low-profile life, and has no personal information available to the public.

Cristall was married to James Drury for seven years

The marriage between Cristoll and her ex-husband, James took place in New York City, at a time when James was not popular. The event took place in 1957, in the presence of a few invited guest and friends.

After being together for seven years, the former couple decided to end the marriage. The reason for the divorce was not revealed to the public, just like most celebrity divorces. The divorce settlement was finalised on November 23, 1964. Cristall Orton’s seven years marriage with James Drury produced two sons, Timothy Drury and James Drury III.

Cristall’s son, Timothy Drury was born on July 5, 1961, and is 61 years old now. He took a career path in music. He does hard rock and blues rock. He plays the guitar, keyboard and also sings. His career has been active since 1989 to date. He had his first major career hit when he invited Don Henley to join him on a tour in 1989. He is known to have started playing the piano at an early age of five, according to his Wikipedia page. Timothy is the most prominent among all of James Drury’s children.

James III, on the other hand has no information available on the internet. He has chosen to live a low-profile life far away from he camera, though both his junior brother and father were all popular figures.

Cristall has stayed away from the limelight after her divorce from James Drury

Cristall Orton went out of the limelight after her divorce from James Drury. Nothing has been heard about her ever since. There is no information on whether she remarried or remained single. Her ex-husband, James, on the other hand went on to get married for the second and third time before his death.

James’ second marriage was to Phyllis Jacqueline Mitchell on April 27, 1968. This second marriage of the late actor also ended in a divorce on ¬†January 30, 1979, with the reason never revealed. There was no child produced in the marriage. James fell in love with another woman named Carl Ann Head, whom he married and stayed with till her demise.

After the death of James Dury’s third wife, he stayed single till his death on April 6, 2020. He died due to natural causes, exactly twelve days after his 86th birthday. His only biological children were the sons he had with Cristall Orton. He also adopted three stepchildren from his other two marriages. The children were Rhonda Brown, Frederick Drury and Gary Schero.

Cristall Orton’s Ex-husband : James Drury

James Drury was born on April 18, 1934. He was born in New York City, to James Child Drury and Beatrice Crawford Drury. Growing up, young James spent his time between New York and Salem, Oregon.

He attended New York University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Drama. He started his career as a child actor at age 12. His debut movie was titled Life With Father. His breakthrough to mainstream fame came about when he signed a contract with MGM. The contract got him major roles in movies like Love Me Tender (1956) and Bernadine (1957).

Throughoit his career he played many major movie roles and became a household name among many movie lovers of his time.

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