Donald Berkowitz: Who is Audrey Landers’ Husband?

By | July 17, 2023
Donald Berkowitz: Who is Audrey Landers' Husband?

Donald Berkowitz is an American celebrity husband. He is the husband of Audrey Landers. Donald’s wife, Audrey Landers, is an American singer and actress who rose to prominence in the movie industry for her role as Afton Cooper in the series titled Dallas.

How old is Donald Berkowitz?

Donald Berkowitz was born in Washington, D.C., in September 1953. He will be 7o years old in September 2023. Donald is an American citizen and belongs to the white race. By physical appearance, he has brown-dark hair and a pointed nose. Donald is a private personality and has not revealed who his parents are.

Aside from being known as the husband of Audrey Landers, Donald is also known in the business world.

While his wife, Audrey, attended Juilliard School and Columbia University, Donald attended Michigan State University between 1967 and 1970. He graduated from the school with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts.

Since 1994, Audrey Landers’ husband, Donald, has worked with some prestigious companies in the United States, according to his LinkedIn. He was President of a New Jersey-based company called Central Lewmar from March 1994 to December 2005. Donald became the Vice President of Xpedx Central Marquardt from August 2007 to December 2010.

Donald Berkowitz is a partner to a software company in New Jersey, Rea Sourcing Network. He has been working with the company for over twelve years now, from March 2011 to date.

Donald Berkowitz and Audrey Landers have been together for 35 years now

Donald has been married to his wife, Audrey Landers, for over thirty-five years. How the two love birds met remains unknown, but according to Whosdatedwho, they had their wedding ceremony in May 1988 and are still together as husband and wife.

The couple’s wedding event took place in an undisclosed location. There was no media presence nor media hype for the wedding because, at the time, Audrey Landers was in the starting phase of her career. She was less popular than she is now.

Donald Berkowitz and Audrey Landers’ long-standing marriage, which could be described as one of Hollywood’s most successful marriages, has produced a set of twins. The children of the couple are Adam Landers and Daniel Landers. Adam

Adam Landers and Daniel Landers were born in Los Angeles, California, on July 4, 1993. They are 30 years old now. Adam and Daniel have followed in their mother’s footsteps; they are both actors. Adam is known for a 2006 movie titled Circus Camp, according to Imbd. Daniel is also known for Shitting OnThings(2018), Fashionables(2018) and Pizza and Karaoke(2010).

Donald Berkowitz has no known relationship before his marriage to Audrey. He may have been in a few, but because he was not in the limelight then, no record of it is available. On the other hand, Audrey has yet to learn about previous relationships.

Donald Berkowitz’s wife: Audrey Landers

Donald’s wife, Audre Landers, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 18, 1956. She will be 66 years old in 2023. There is little information on Audrey’s family background, but she is known to be the sister of Judy Landers, with whom she has featured in several movies.

Audrey started her acting career at the young age of nine by featuring in many theatres shows. She spent most of her life in New York City. Aside from acting in theatres, Audrey also did music. She was a singer and also a songwriter.

Her breakthrough came when she moved to Los Angeles on her 24th birthday. She auditioned for various roles and landed the role of Afton Cooper in Dallas. She was on the show for three years and featured in over 78 episodes.

Since Donald’s wife, Audrey, had her breakthrough in the movie industry, she has been featured in many highly-rated movies. Some of her credited movies include Search For Tomorrow(1973), Police Woman(1977), The Waverly Wonders(1978), Young Maverick(1979), California Casanova(1991), Circus Camp(2006), etc.

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