Edward Michael Bell: Esther Williams’ Husband Before Her Demise

By | September 3, 2023
Edward Michael Bell: Esther Williams' Husband Before Her Demise

Who is Edward Michael Bell?

Edward Michael Bell is a famous American actor and writer best known for his work on Gymkata (1985), Vindication and The Greatest American Hero (1981). Edward is also known for being the fourth husband of Actress Esther Jane Williams since 1994. The couple had three children, but not biological.

Edward, before starting his career as an actor, was a professor of French literature. He was born in the early 1930s, but the exact date has not yet been disclosed to the public. His hometown is known to be New York, United States. 

Edward Michael Bell attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1969 and instructed an introductory theater course there. His zodiac sign is Pisces. Edward, who can be described as an intelligent, handsome gentleman of medium height, with a good fashion style and a natural talent for the movie industry. His interests are reading, photography, studying, traveling, and internet browsing.

Edward Michael Bell has been actively acting since 1985

Edward Michael Bell is known for the movie series Gymkata (1985). This movie talks about an American gymnast who goes abroad to play a dangerous game that hasn’t been won by anybody other than a local for more than 900 years. Also, Edward played a role in Vindication, an episodic faith-based crime drama that chronicles Detective Travis’ investigations in a small village, and The Greatest American Hero (1981), which depicts a teacher is invited to dress up as a superhero in an extraterrestrial costume with superhuman abilities that he can hardly comprehend or manage.

Edward Michael Bell has no known biological children

Information regarding Edward Michael Bell’s children has not been specified to the general public, but it is known that his wife, Esther Jane Williams, had three children. Since she married four different men, it is unknown to whom exactly she had the children. However, after Esther Jane Williams and Edward Bell got married, they raised the children together.

Esther Williams: Edward Michael Bell’s Late Wife

Edward Michael Bell’s former wife, Esther Jane Williams, the fifth and youngest child of Louis Stanton Williams (January 19, 1886 – June 10, 1968) and Bula Myrtle (née Gilpin; October 8, 1885 – December 29, 1971), was born in Inglewood, California, on August 8, 1921.

As a Los Angeles Athletic Club swim team member in her late teens, she broke several local and national records. However, Esther Williams could not participate in the Summer Olympics in 1940 because World War II began. As a result, she joined Billy Rose’s Aquacade and filled Eleanor Holm’s position once the show moved from New York to San Francisco. While living in the city, she spent five months swimming with Tarzan actor and Olympic gold medalist Johnny Weissmuller.

Edward Michael Bell’s late wife, Esther Jane Williams, met Leonard Kovner, her first husband, while she was a Los Angeles City College student. She valued his brilliance and commitment to pursuing a medical profession, but she finally found their union unsatisfying and filed for divorce in 1944.

Ben Gage, a singer and performer, and Williams wed in 1945; they had three kids together. She painted Gage as an alcoholic who wasted a substantial chunk of her salary in her memoirs. 1952 saw their separation, and 1959 saw their divorce.

In Hawaii, where “Pagan Love Song” was being filmed, Williams discovered she was expecting her third child. She and Gage used a ham radio to communicate the information, which unintentionally spread when others overheard their chat.

While working on “Million Dollar Mermaid,” Williams had an affair with actor Victor Mature, claiming her marital problems and loneliness as causes. Williams’ accident while filming the movie put an end to the relationship. She was also briefly romantically related to Jeff Chandler. However, Chandler’s friends and coworkers refuted her claims that he was transgender.

On December 31, 1969, Esther Williams wed Argentine actor/director Fernando Lamas, and she later claimed to have lived for 13 years in complete servitude to him. He vowed fidelity in exchange. They stayed together till Lamas passed away in 1982.

Esther Williams wed actor Edward Bell on October 24, 1994, later in life. On June 6, 2013, Esther Williams died in her sleep in her Los Angeles home due to natural causes. She was 91 years old. Her ashes were burned and dispersed in the Pacific Ocean.