Gorka Ortuzar: Biologist and Megan Montaner’s Husband

By | November 13, 2023
Gorka Ortuzar: Biologist and Megan Montaner's Husband

Who is Gorka Ortuzar?

Gorka Ortuzar is a Spanish Biologist famous for being married to Spanish actress and model Megan Gracia Montaner. In 2013, Gorka Ortúzar and Megan Montaner joined together in holy matrimony. Few aspects of the actress and Biologist’s relationship are known since they have both chosen to live out their love stories as covertly as possible. They both have an intense love for the outdoors, as seen by the frequent travels she posts on social media. The couple gave birth to two children in the years 2017 and 2023.

Gorka Ortuzar has a biological background

Gorka Ortuzar is a biologist according to some sources. However, nothing else regarding his career path is known to the public. It can be assumed he prefers to hide knowledge of his career endeavor from the public spotlight for reasons only known to him. 

Gorka has two children with Megan Montaner

Gorka Ortuzar and his wife Megan Montaner have two children together, Kael Ortuzar Gracia, born in the year 2017, and Soren, born in January 2023, as the couple showcased the infant on social media, disclosing the intriguing name that was selected. On her Instagram page, Megan Montaner writes, “Welcome, little Soren,” next to a picture of the boy that shows a little portion of his face. Not much is known regarding the lives of the couple’s children, but we hope to hear more regarding the life Journey of this beautiful family.

Who is Gorka Ortuzar’s wife?

Gorka Ortuzar is married to Megan Gracia Montaner, a Spanish actress and former model born on August 21, 1987, in Huesca, Spain. Megan Montaner, who is around five feet and seven inches tall, has a stunning physique and a charming demeanor. She will be 37 years old in 2024. She enrolled in Cristina Rota School to start her education. She has once more withheld details about her educational history.

Married, Megan Montaner enjoys a beautiful connection with her spouse, Gorka Ortuzar. Very little information about the couple’s relationship has been made public. However, the fact that they had been dating since 2013 became known to the public, demonstrating the strength of their union. Kael Ortuzar Gracia is one of Megan and Gorka’s kids, while the other is Soren, as mentioned earlier.

Her path to acting has been different from other celebrities. In addition to working as a makeup artist, Megan Montaner started acting after appearing in a TV program. She also worked as a model for many years.

In 2010, she appeared in the Spanish series “La Pecora de Eva.” She debuted in the miniseries “Vuelo IL8714” the same year. She then had one of her most outstanding performances as “Pepa Aguirre” in “El Secreto de Puente Viejo” in 2011. Two more notable roles are “Elena Martín” in “30 Coins” and “María Fuentes” in “Sin Identidad.”.

Her work in the Antena 3 television series The Secret of Puente Viejo, Grand Hotel, and No Identity has made her well-known, especially her most recent role in 30 Coins as Elena Martín. Her television projects were held indefinitely during the countrywide quarantine period of the COVID-19 epidemic.