Jolanda Addolori: Where is Anthony Quinn’s second wife?

Jolanda Addolori: Where is Anthony Quinn's second wife?

Jolanda Addolori is an Italian actress famous for her marriage to Anthony Quinn. Jolanda’s late ex-husband, Anthony Quinn, was an American actor whose career was active from 1936 to 2001. He is widely remembered for his passionate roles in most of his movies.

Who was Jolanda Addolori?

Jolanda Addolori was born in Italy on November 30, 1933. She was an Italian citizen and belonged to the white race. Her zodiac sign was Sagittarius. Though her parent was Italian, she never disclosed anything relating to them. Despite her long marriage to a renowned actor, she lived a private life, far away from the eyes of the media.

Jolanda was a costume designer and an actress by profession. She worked in the costume department of most Italian movies of her time. She is credited with a film titled The Black Archer(1959) in her career as an actress. She played the role of a character called Bianca. The movie was about an archer hiding behind a mask to kill her father’s killers.

Jolanda Addolori was married to Anthony Quinn for more than thirty years

Jolanda was the second wife of Anthony Quinn. Anthony had five partners in his lifetime but officially married three times and divorced twice. He first married a woman named Katherine DeMille in 1937. They were together till 1965 when they decided to go their separate ways.

Jolanda Addolori was the cause of Anthony’s first divorce. Anthony Quinn and Jolanda had an affair when he was still married to his first wife, Katherine. After Katherine found out about the matter, she filed for a divorce. The marriage between the actor and his first wife produced five children; Christopher Quinn, Christian Quinn, Catalina Quinn, Duncan Quinn, and Valentina Quinn. Anthony also adopted a child Katherine brought from her previous relationship.

Jolanda and Anthony got married in 1966. They had their wedding ceremony in a private ceremony attended by a few guests. They remained married till 1997. They divorced after having three children together. The children were Francesco Quinn, Danny Quinn, and Lorenzo Quinn.

During the marriage between Jolanda Addolori and Anthony Quinn, Anthony cheated many times. He even had children with another woman while still husband and wife. Anthony had two children with an event producer named Friedel Dunbar. The children were Sean Quinn and Alexander Anthony Quinn.

According to an online source, Jolanda was awarded a divorce settlement of over $10 million and collection of arts from her ex-husband, Anthony Quinn.

Where is Jolanda Addolori now?

Jolanda died on January 28, 2016, in the United States of America. She was 82 years old at the time of her demise. Since she left the limelight after her divorce from Anthony Quinn, information on whether she remarried and had other children is yet to be confirmed.

Her first child with Anthony, Francesco Quinn, was born on March 22, 1963, and he passed away on August 5, 2011, at age 48. He took the same career path as his father: an actor. His widely remembered for his role as Rhah in an award-winning movie titled Platoon(1986). According to his Wikipedia page, his last work was as a voice-over actor for a character in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Jolanda’s second child, Danny Quinn, was born on April 16, 1964. He is 59 years old now. He is also an actor. He is known to have featured in over twenty movies since the start of his career in 1986. Popular among his movie roles include Band of the Hand(1986), in which he played the role of a character called Carlos.

Her third child, Lorenzo Quinn, was born May 7, 1966. He is 57 years old now. He used to be an actor but has now become a sculptor. Though he was born in the United States, he used to live in Italy, his mother’s country of birth. Currently, he lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Looking at the life of all the children of Anthony Quinn, the ones he had with Jolanda Addolori turned out to be more successful in his career than the others.