Lou Demattei : Facts About Amy Tan’s husband

By | June 5, 2023
Lou Demattei : Facts About Amy Tan's husband

Lou Demattei is the husband of American author, Amy Tan. Lou’s wife, Amy Tan, has a Chinese background and is known for a best-selling book titled The Joy Luck Club (a book she published in 1989, and later turned into a movie in 1993). Her writings are basically centered around novels, children’s stories, and short stories.

Who is Lou Demattei?

Lou Demattei was born in February 1951 in Santa Rosa, California in the United States of America. He is 72 years old at the time of writing this blog post. He was born with the birth name, Louis Demattei.

Lou is the son of Regina Demattei and Victor Demattei, both natives of Santa Rosa, California. He is the last of the three children of his parents. He is the brother of Victor Demattei Jnr. and Dave Demattei. He grew up in California, together with his parents and siblings, and had his basic and higher level education.

Lou Demattei graduated from an undisclosed university with a Bachelor’s degree in Law. He currently works as a Tax Lawyer in San Francisco, United States, where the couple has lived for a long time.

Lou Demattei’s mother was 101 years old

As written above, Lou was born to his mother, Regina Demattei, and father, Victor Demattei. His father Victor has very little information on the internet, but his mother, Regina has a lot of information, thanks to a write-up on Amy Tan’s Facebook page.

Lou’s mother, Regina Demattei, was born with the birth name, Regina Saxon (Brooks) DeMattei. She was the daughter and only child of her parents, Beulah Brooks and Wayne Brooks. She was born in the United States state of Oregon.

At age 14, Regina Demattei graduated from his school. She went further to continue her education at the University of Oregon, where she completed at age 18 with a Bachelor’s degree. She went on to obtain her Master’s degree in the same school.

Lou Demattei’s mother, Regina after her Master’s degree went on to teach at Linfield College in McMinnville. She later got married to Lou’s father, Victor Demattei, and moved to San Jose where she taught French and piano lessons in a local school.

On April 23, 2016, Regina Demattei died of natural causes at age 101. Her death was announced on Amy Tan’s Facebook page. Amy wrote a long tribute to Regina and described how she lived a well-fulfilled life.

Lou Demattei and Amy Tan have been married for 49 years now

The love story of Lou and his wife Amy Tan started through a blind date. The two lovers met in Linfield College, where Lou’s mother was a teacher. They started dating few months after they first met.

On December 6, 1974, they officially tied the knot in a wedding ceremony. The ceremony was a private one, attended by few friends and family of both couple. The location of the ceremony is unknown to the public.

There is information availablle on whether Lou Demattei had been married before his marriage to Amy Tan. Amy on the other hand had also not been married before, neither neither is there any known previous romantic relationship.

Accodring to an interview with the New York Times, Amy revealed that she and her husband, Lou have no children in their 49 years long marriage. The couple have made a decision not to have any children due to their past experiences. She did not shed light on any of these past experiences. True to their decision, they do not have any children together, neither do they have any kids from other relationships.

Lou’s wife, Amy Tan is an accomplished writer

Amy Tan was born on February 19, 191952, in Oakland, California in the United States. She is 71 years old now. She grew up in California, but went to Switzerland for a short while. She is a graduate of San Jose University, where she obtained both her Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree, in 1973 and 1974 respectively.

Over the years, Lou Demattei’s wife, Amy has risen to become an accomplished writer. Her most successful book is The Joy Luck Club. Aside this book, she has other books like The Kitchen God’s Wife, The Hundred Secret Senses, Saving Fish From Drowning and many others.

Amy was born to an immigrant Chinese mother, and this has a lot of influence on her writing. In 1987, she is known to have helped her mother revisit her home country, China, once again.

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