Who is Maureen Behrs? :Facts About Beth Behrs Mother

Maureen Behrs is the mother of Beth Behrs. Maureen Behrs’ daughter, Beth Behrs, is an American actress who became well-known for her role in a comedy series titled 2 Broke Girls. She played the role of Caroline Channing in the show, which ran for six seasons, winning many awards and recognition.

As the popularity of Beth increases, many fans and followers of the actress would want to know her mother. This article tends to tell the reader all there is to know about Beth Behr’s mother, Maureen Behr.

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Maureen Behrs : Bio Summary

Full nameMaureen Behrs
Date of birthDecember 1960
Age62 years old
Birth CountryPetaluma, California
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried


Maureen Behrs, also known as Elizabeth Behrs, was born in December 1960. She is 62 years old now. She was born in Petaluma, California, in the United States of America. She is an American citizen. She is the daughter of a retired second-grade teacher who taught in Catholic schools. Maureen is a sister to two elder brothers and a younger sister.

She grew up with her mother and siblings in a suburban area northwest of Baltimore, Maryland.

Her ethnicity is white. She is married to David G. Behrs, an administrator for Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, with whom she has had two daughters, Beth Behrs and her younger sister Emily Jeannette Behrs. Emily is six years younger than Beth; she was born on April 4, 1992.

Maureen Behrs is also known for her Dipsea Hike For Zero Breast Cancer initiative. She organized many women to hike and raise awareness of breast cancer. They also generated funds to donate to women affected by breast cancer.

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Beth Behrs’s mother, Maureen Behrs, attended Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. She graduated from the school in 1983. She is currently a first-grade teacher. According to an article on SMWC.edu, Maureen was only a fourth grader when she made her intentions of becoming a teacher clear.

Her career as a teacher started immediately after she graduated from university, and she has never looked back. Maureen’s love for teaching is so much that, as soon as her two daughters are six to eight weeks old, she returns to her teaching. “After our daughters were between six and eight weeks old, I returned to work. There’s never been a question for me that teaching is what I was meant to do,” she said in an interview.

Due to her attachment to her teaching job, she rarely gets time to travel outside the United States. According to Openpayrolls.com, Maureen made annual earnings of over $72,000 as a teacher at Mill Valley Elementary School. This salary is 95 per cent higher than average and 203 per cent higher than the median salary in Mill Valley Elementary.

Maureen Behrs met her husband while working as a waitress at a college.

Maureen worked as a waitress in a local restaurant during her undergraduate years in college. The college was closer to her school, and she worked there to earn cash to cater for herself. During one of her working hours, her path crossed with David Behrs, who later became her husband.

David first invited Maureen to a party, which she declined because she did not know enough people in the school. David offered another invitation another time, but Maureen agreed and went with him this time. The two love birds kept seeing each other until they finally fell in love and started dating.

Maureen Behrs and her husband, David, finally got married. Together they parent their two daughters, Emily and Beth Behrs. The family currently live together on the campus of SMWC.

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Maureen and her daughter, Beth have a solid relationship

As expected of every good mother, Maureen has a very strong relationship with her daughters, especially with her daughter, Beth Behrs. On many occasions, she accompanies her daughter to many red-carpet events.

In November 2018, Maureen was seen on the red carpet at an event in Beverley Hills with her daughter Beth. The 6th Annual Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon was held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Beth Behrs has had a successful career since she debuted in 2009. She has been featured in many movies and series. They are married to Michael Gladis, and they have a daughter called Emma George Gladis. Beth and her husband live together in 1 $1.4 million gated house in Hollywood Hills.

Net Worth

Maureen Behrs’ has not disclosed her net worth. However, according to celebritynetworth.com, her daughter Beth Behrs has an estimated net worth of $20 million.