Nadine Inscoe, Ronnie Van Zant Ex-wife : 5 Facts To Know

Nadine Inscoe was once a celebrity wife and is now an ex-wife of Ronnie Van Zant. Nadine Inscoe’s ex-husband, Ronnie Van Zant was an American singer remembered for being the lead vocalist, lead lyricist, and founding member of the southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Nadine was not as popular as her ex-husband, and you might not know much about her. Here are five facts you need to know about her :

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1. Nadine Inscoe was the first wife of Ronnie Van Zant

Ronnie had been married twice in his whole lifetime, and Nadine was his first wife. According to Ronnie’s Wikipedia page, the two married on January 2, 1967. Their marriage is known to have occurred when Ronnie worked at the auto parts store of one of Nadine’s brothers. The name of the store was Morris Auto Parts, and it was located in Jacksonville. Nadine’s ex-husband was very instrumental in the store because he had a photographic memory and a mental picture of all the automotive parts.

There is not enough information on the marriage between the two former lovers. This is because, at the time of their union, Ronnie was not a public figure as he became later in his life. Hence, details concerning the exact location and how the ceremony went remain unknown. Nadine and Ronnie’s marriage lasted for two years. They divorced in 1969, and their marriage produced one child, Tammy Van Zant.

Nadine went out of the limelight after the divorce. There is no news on whether she remarried or stayed single. On the other hand, her ex-husband went ahead to get married for the second time to a lady called Judy Seymour. Together, they had a child named Melody in 1976

2. Nadine Inscoe’s ex-husband, Ronnie Van Zant died of a plane crush

Ronnie Van Zant died in a plane crash on October 20, 1977. The aeroplane with which the crash happened was a plane Ronnie’s band, Lynyrd, Skynyrd, used to travel in-between shows. It was revealed that the aeroplane ran out of fuel, and the pilot notified the crew of a possible crash.

On the plane at the time of crush with Nadine Inscoe’s ex-husband were Steve Gaines, Cassie Gaines, Dean Kilpatrick, Walter McCreary and William Gray. All the passengers on board died in the crash. According to an article describing the incident, Ronnie died due to severe head injuries.

At the time of his death, Ronnie was 29 years old. He is also known to have always talked about his death. In conversation with some of his close associates, he used to talk about how he would not live up to age 30. His father even testified of that after his death.

As a celebrity and a member of a popular band, Ronnie and other causalities of the plane crash were mourned worldwide. He was succeeded by his then-wife, Judy and two daughters, Tammy and Melody.

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3. The daughter she had with Ronnie died in 2010

From above, it was indicated that the marriage between Nadine Inscoe and Ronnie Van Zant resulted in the birth of a daughter named Tammy Van Zant. Tammy was born in 1968, just a year after the couple married.

The death of Tammy was announced by one of her aunties via a Facebook post. On July 11, 2010, this said aunty posted, “With a sad heart, I’m asking for prayers for the Van Zant family as we lost Ronnie’s oldest daughter Tammy Michelle Van Zant last night.”

The cause of her death was not made known in the Facebook post. Tammy was 54 years old at the time of her death. She was a singer and lyricist like her father, Ronnie.

4. Nadine Inscoe suffered from drug addiction issues

An article on the death of Nadine’s daughter, Tammy, revealed that she was addicted to some prescribed drugs. The news article did not disclose what drug it was but stated that Nadine could not take proper care of her daughter. The drugs made her inattentive to issues around her.

Due to this situation, Tammy was left in the care of her grandmother. This made growing up difficult for her. As someone who lost his father at an early age and also with a drug-addict mother, her life was full of struggles.

5. Nadine Inscoe died in June 2020

Nadine Inscoe, whose claim to fame is her marriage to Ronnie Van Zant, died in June 2020. The cause of her demise was not disclosed. There is no information on her age at the time of her demise. Many details of her life are unavailable since she went out of the limelight after her divorce from Ronnie Van Zant.