Sasho Kuzmanovic: Everything About Lena Katina’s First husband

Sasho Kuzmanovic: Everything About Lena Katina's First husband

Who is Sasho Kuzmanovic?

Sasho Kuzmanovic is a Russian composer, singer, and producer famous for being the ex-husband of musician Lena Katina. Sasho Kuzmanovic is from Slovenia, Ljubljana, born on October 5, 1975. His ancestors, however, originated from Germany. Sasho Kuzmanovic met Lena Katina in the year 2013 and married.

In November 2014, Katina announced she was pregnant with their first child. However, the couple divorced in 2019 for reasons unknown to the public. Fans were utterly unaware of the couple’s breakup in 2019 since they did not publicize their private life. Sasho and Lena continued to be friends for their kid’s benefit, and the boy’s father actively participated in his upbringing.

Sasho Kuzmanovic is a musician

Sasho Kuzmanovich’s life as a singer began when he assembled a rock band as a young man. The team gained popularity due to the silky voice and charming singer. As a supporting vocalist, he participated in the album recordings of the Slovenian bands Ritem Planet and Mambo Kings. Sasho was a gifted composer in addition to a superb performer. Kuzmanovich left his own country after realizing he had reached his limit in search of fresh opportunities. In the US, musical endeavors were mainly focused on writing and producing. He also started teaching voice lessons.

In 2015, Sasho Kuzmanovich and Stephen Jay Lee co-wrote the In Memories music for the Marvel superhero blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron. Moja’s lyrical composition, for which a film was created with the help of a children’s choir, was published in 2020. Sasho Kuzmanovich appeared on the Music Es Un Voyage program that same year. The artist took part in a charitable endeavor in late 2020. A portion of the proceeds from the song One More Christmas Night were contributed to the Green Bay Wishing Humanitarian Institute, which assists in granting the final wishes of terminally sick persons. The song was dedicated to gravely ill children and adults.

Sasho Kuzmanovic had a son with Lena Katina

During their marriage, Sasho Kuzmanovic and Lena Katina gave birth to a son, Aleksandr Kuzmanovic, born on May 22, 2015. She announced her pregnancy during a concert in Rome in 2014, a year after the couple got married. Not much is known about the son of Sasho Kuzmanovic and Lena Katina, as they prefer to keep him away from the media spotlight. His parents introduced Sasha to sports since they wanted him to avoid associating his life with show business. The youngster currently participates in taekwondo and gymnastics.

Inside the life of Sasho Kuzmanovic’s ex-wife, Lena Katina

Sasho Kuzmanovic’s ex-wife, Lena Katina, named Elena Sergeevna Katina, was born in Russia on October 4, 1984. She is best known as one-half of the pop/electronic duet t.A.T.u. She started her career at eight when she joined the Russian children’s act Avenue. She soon joined Neposedy following that. Producer Ivan Shapovalov chose Katina and Julia Volkova for his 1999 project t.A.T.u. The two would become Russia’s most well-known pop music act. In addition to “All the Things She Said,” “Not Gonna Get Us,” and “All About Us,” the trio has produced other popular songs. In 19 nations, including the UK, Russia, and Australia, their first song, “All the Things She Said,” reached the top spot.

t.A.T.u. took a break in 2009 as Katina launched a solo career. The pair officially broke up in 2011, with Volkova going her way. That year, Katina released “Never Forget,” her first widely popular single, which topped the MTV Russia Top 10 and won the MTV Russia – 2011 Video of the Year award. The song won the top in Greece and the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play charts. This Is Who I Am, Katina’s debut album was released in 2014; two years later, it was republished in Spanish as Esta Soy Yo. She released her second album, Mono, in 2019.

In 2013, Katina wed Sasha Kuzmanovi, a musician from Slovenia, who had been her lover for three years. During a concert in Rome in November 2014, she revealed that she was three and a half months pregnant with her first child. On May 22, 2015, she gave birth to a boy. Katina and Kuzmanovi divorced in 2019. Katina disclosed her connection with CloudPayments CEO and Russian billionaire Dmitry Spiridonov in June 2021. The pair got engaged on May 1 and was hitched at the MFC [ru] of Moscow on June 16. The same year, in November, Katina announced that she was expecting Spiridonov’s first and second child. A boy was born to her on July 11, 2023.