Who Is Carlos Alberto Cruz?: Itati Cantoral’s Ex-husband

By | September 24, 2023
Who Is Carlos Alberto Cruz?: Itati Cantoral's Ex-husband

Who is Carlos Alberto Cruz?

Carlos Alberto Cruz is a well-known Venezuelan artist who has had multiple appearances in telenovelas. He is the ex-husband of Itati Cantoral. In the Venezuelan telenovela Cosita Rica, Carlos is most recognized for his portrayal as Olegario Perez. The television show was produced by Venevisión between 2003 and 2004. Cosita Rica was authored by Leonardo Padrón. Carlos was born in Caracas, Venezuela.

Itati Cantoral, a prior spouse of Carlos Alberto Cruz, died in 2011. Actress, singer, dancer, and producer Itati Cantoral is from Mexico. She is most recognized for her appearances as Alejandra Alvarez del Castillo Fernández “La Licenciada” in Televisa’s telenovela Hasta que el dinero nos separa (2009) and Soraya Montenegro in Televisa’s telenovela Mara la del Barrio (1995).

Itati and Carlos Alberto met while collaborating on La Viuda de Blanco. On July 31 in Miami Beach, they got engaged at a private celebration attended by family and close friends. In the year 2008, they were wed in a little ceremony. Mara Itat, their daughter, was born on October 9, 2008. The pair formally declared their split in 2017.

Carlos Alberto Cruz and Itat Cantoral first connected in 2006, when Cruz served as the Telemundo network’s “La viuda de Blanco” telenovela’s production coordinator. Both developed strong friendships throughout the recording sessions, which subsequently led to a love connection.

Once more, the actress had the family of her dreams, but when they announced their split in the middle of the program after 12 years of marriage, it caught everyone off guard. Itati Cantoral stated on February 16, 2018, through her Twitter account, that she had split from her spouse, Carlos Alberto Cruz, resulting in her second divorce.

 Itati Cantoral stated that she wanted to inform everyone who had supported her during her career and showed her love that she and Carlos had decided to end their marriage with tremendous courage and honesty. Should stay away from rumors and presumptions. Producer Carlos Alberto Cruz made an appearance in public with an unknown lady five months after Itati Cantoral announced their separation; the two had attended a play’s premiere in Mexico City.

Carlos Alberto Cruz has a solid background in the movie industry

Since 1989, Carlos Alberto Cruz has worked as both an actor and a film producer. Rafael Novoa and Fabiola Colmenares played the main protagonists, and Chiquinquirá Delgado, Carlos Cruz, and Nohely Arteaga played the villains in the telenovela Cosita Rica.

Carlos is a popular actor in telenovelas. His role as Olegario Perez in Cosita Rica (2003) is the one for which he is most well-known. He has made several other cinematic appearances. He oversees the production of the Telemundo opera La viuda de Blanco.

In 1989, Rub rebelde, Carlos Alberto Cruz made his television debut. In the 1990 telenovela Caribe, he played Simon Caratti, and in the 1995 telenovela Amores de fin de siglo, he played Nazario. He has appeared in the films Viva la Pepa, Por estas calles, Carmen queries, and De mujeres.

In Mis 3 Hermanas and A Calzón Quitao, Carlos and Augusto Estrada Rossi both had prominent roles. He played Dr. Zabaleta in Soar no Cuesta Nada, Santiago Rivas in Se solicita prncipe azul, Baldomero Sánchez in Ciudad Bendita, Tomás Chacón in Arroz con leche, and Próspero Bermudez in La vida entera, among other roles.

Carlos Alberto Cruz had a daughter with Itati Cantoral

Carlos Cruz and Itati Cantoral had a daughter together. Her name is Maria Itati. She was born on October 9, 2008. It is important to note that the actress, Itati, was previously married to actor Eduardo Santamarina from 1999 until 2004 and gave birth to twins Roberto Miguel and José Eduardo; for the sake of their kids, a positive connection with her ex-husband was preserved.

Carlos Alberto Cruz’s ex-wife, Itati Catoral, is a producer, singer, dancer, and actor from Mexico. She is well known for her appearances as Alejandra Alvarez del Castillo Fernández “La Licenciada” in Hasta que el dinero nos separa (2009) and Soraya Montenegro in Mara la del Barrio (1995), both of which were telenovelas made by Televisa. The birthplace of Cantoral is Mexico City. 

Itati Cantoral, is the child of an Argentine actress of Italian ancestry, Itati Zucchi, and Mexican musician and lyricist Roberto Cantoral. Cantoral has three brothers: José Cantoral, a singer and actor, and Carlos and Roberto. Cantoral, a child actress, made her television debut in the series La telaraa in 1986 after being admitted at age 13 into the Televisa Actors’ Academy, Centro de Educación Artstica. Later, in 1991, she performed in the telenovela Muchachitas.