Who is Fernando Iriarte?: Yuri’s Ex-husband

By | September 28, 2023
Who is Fernando Iriarte?: Yuri's Ex-husband

Who is Yuri’s ex-husband?

Fernando Iriarte is a Mexican Businessman and publicist famous for being the ex-husband of Mexican singer, actress and television host Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco. He is also recognized for being married to another Mexican singer, María Teresa Lascurain Arrigunaga. Again, Fernando is known for being the son of television host Maxine Woodside. We can say many famous people surround him. 

Fernando Iriarte is 53 years old as of 2023, born in the year 1969. His exact date of birth, however, is unknown to the public. In the 1980s, Fernando and Yuri Iriarte met and fell in love. The relationship between the musician and the businessman caught the public’s and media’s interest. One of the most well-known love tales in Mexican show business, their relationship flourished while Yuri’s career was on the rise. In order to discreetly wed Maxine Woodside’s son, the interpreter fled with them because his parents did not approve of the union.

Fernando Iriarte and his wife decided to elope during the 1985 TV and Novelas Awards when the interpreter performed with Luis Miguel, who served as their accomplice. She had made available an apartment for her to hide in while they broke the news to their separate families. Given that his family was Catholic and hers was an Adventist one, neither of Yuri’s parents approved of their relationship. However, because of their strong feelings for one another, they decided to elope and get married anyhow. However, there was not a “Happily Ever After” attached to their marriage, as it came to an end after some years.

Fernando Iriarte wed Mara Teresa Lascurain Arrigunaga, also known as Maite Lascurain of the mexical music group, called Grupo Pandora, in his second marriage. Even yet, the couple decided to get a divorce after five years of marriage. In the end, Fernando Iriarte married his third wife in Los Angeles after finding love once more. However, nothing is known about their marital life.

Fernando Iriarte’s parents

Sources do not capture much regarding the life of Fernando Iriarte’s father, who was also called Fernando Iriarte Snr. However, his mother, the “Queen of the Radio” and the host of the radio program Todo para la Mujer, which has been broadcast on Radio Formula since October 16, 1989, Maxine Woodside, is a Mexican radio and television personality. She is also the host of the show that airs on Teleformula and is known as the “Queen of the Radio.” 

Garrett Woodside Davenport, her father, was born in Missouri and later emigrated to Mexico to take a job as a pilot with Mexicana de Aviación. Guadalajara is where her mother, Angelina Sotomayor, was born. They only have one daughter, Maxine. Her elder sister Alma Guzmán, who was married to the actor Joaquin Cordero, her brother Garret, who perished in a vehicle accident, and an older sister, who passed away before Woodside was born, are just a few of the siblings she had from her parents’ previous unions.


As mentioned earlier, Fernando Iriarte is a successful businessman and a publicist. Besides this, not much else is known regarding his career. 

Fernando Iriarte has been married twice

Fernando Iriarte and Yuri Canseco got married in the year 1988 but divorced after just two years. She is now married to one Rodrigo Espinoza, five years after the divorce.

Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco is the daughter of Dr. Carlos Humberto Valenzuela and Dulce Canseco. She was born in Veracruz, Mexico, on January 6, 1964. Her two brothers were Carlos, who passed away, and Yamily. While still in her early years, Yuri pursued classical dancing together with her schooling in Veracruz. At the age of 11, she was awarded a scholarship to the Bolshoi Ballet of Russia, but she was unable to use it because of her parents’ choice. Her mother, Dulce, urged her to pursue singing in the absence of this chance.

Fernando Iriarte’s first wife, Mexican singer Yuri, became well-known after releasing her self-titled first album in 1978. At the 1980 Oti Festival, she had her breakthrough performance, launching her into the public eye. She rose to fame in Mexican and Latin American pop music throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, being renowned for her extraordinary vocal range and adaptability across genres.

Yuri, took a break from her musical career in the middle of the 1990s to concentrate on gospel and Christian music. She triumphantly returned to the commercial music scene in 2002, nevertheless, and found even more success than before. Throughout the middle of the 2000s and the next decade, Yuri made a name for herself as one of the best Spanish music interpreters. She has 29 studio albums in her catalogue, and over 35 million copies have been sold worldwide.

Yuri was involved in acting in telenovelas and movies, in addition to her singing. Additionally, she has presented several television programs in Mexico. A tribute to her ongoing influence, Yuri was the youngest winner of the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award when she got it in 2018 at the age of 54.

Fernando Iriarte’s second wife, Mara Teresa Lascurain Arrigunaga, Mara Fernanda Meade del Valle, and Mara Isabel founded the female musical group Pandora. Up until 1989, Fernanda Meade was a member of the group; she was then replaced for seven years (1989–1996) by Liliana Abaroa Suzarte. Pop ballads, Latin pop, and Mexican music are among his musical genres. Hernaldo Ziga, a singer and composer, wrote the song Cómo te va mi amor, which aids as the anthem and also a logo. It was nominated for a Grammy in the Latin music category in 1987. It was ranked first on the VH1 channel’s list of the top 100 Spanish-language songs from the 1980s at the end of 2007. 

Over 500 million copies of the group’s discography have been sold. They have 157 platinum records and 146 gold records. Eight hundred nine studio albums, four live albums, and more than fifty compilations have all been issued by them.

The death of Fernando Iriarte’s brother

Fernando Iriarte had an elder brother named Alejandro Iriarte, who recently passed away on November 10 2013, sending a huge wave of grief to a large number of people. Alejandro Iriarte had died of natural causes due to a fulminant heart attack, explaining that days ago she had seen him and that he was healthy, although he suffered from stomach pains.

Both the media and Alejandro Iriarte’s family were shocked to learn of his demise because it occurred suddenly and during what seemed to be a happy time. When Iriarte recently declared his decision to delete his social media accounts, initial rumours started to circulate. Later, it was revealed that a sudden heart attack at age 55 was what caused the unfortunate ending. Iriarte may have committed suicide, according to journalist Carlos Jiménez, despite speculations that a murder inquiry may be underway.

The eldest child of Maxine Woodside, Alejandro Iriarte, had a prosperous commercial career and was well-known for his involvement with Grupo Fórmula’s Dream Factory. His lasting legacy will be remembered with admiration by his coworkers. Friends and acquaintances have sent Maxine Woodside numerous messages of support and sympathy at this trying time, expressing their sincere sympathies and asking God for strength and comfort.