Who is Grover Asmus?: Donna Reed’s Husband

Who is Grover Asmus?: Donna Reed's Husband

Grover Asmus was an American military officer widely known as the husband of Donna Reed, a renowned American actress with a long career lasting over forty years. Throughout the forty years of Grover’s wife’s career, she was able to feature in over forty films, according to her Wikipedia profile. Some of her famous roles include her role as Mary Hatch Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life(1946) and her role in From Here To Eternity(1953), a movie that got her an Academy Award.

Aside from being famous for his marriage to Donna Reed, Grover Asmus, is also known to have been married to Louise Currie, another actress from the United States of America, whose career was active from the early 1940s to the late 1950s.

Grover Asmus was born in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Grover Asmus, famous for being Donna Reed’s husband, was born in North Bergen, New Jersey, in the United States of America. Grover was born on January 2, 1926. Grover was the son of Grover Asmus and Josephine K. Asmus, both natives of New Jersey. According to a family tree on Geneanet.org, Grover was the only child of his parents.

Grover Asmus had a successful military career. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, in 1946. After his graduation, Grover went on to serve in the military. He served for 25 years until his retirement in 1972. He retired with the rank of Colonel. During his active days, he performed many high-profile duties. Notable among them include serving as the Senior Aide to Omar N. Bradley, an army General.

During his retirement, he co-founded the Donna Reed Foundation with his then-wife, Donna Reed. The foundation provided help and support to young and promising people who wanted to enter the film and movie industry.

A man named Michael Mundt disclosed how Grover was actively involved in forming the foundation. “Local people can thank Grover for the present existence of the Donna Reed Theatre and Center; if he had not gone along with the vision and financially joined in our efforts to preserve the Theatre, we would now have a parking lot on the corner of Broadway and Main,” he said.

Grover Asmus and Donna Reed met at a dinner party.

According to a source, Grover met his wife, Donna Reed, at a friend’s dinner party in August 1973. They started dating a few months after they first met. They tied the knot a year later to become husband and wife officially.

The wedding ceremony of the couple took place on August 30, 1974. The event had in attendance guests and loved ones of both couples. The location of the ceremony is yet to be disclosed to the public.

Grover Asmus remained married to Donna Reed till the demise of the latter on January 14, 1986. Their marriage which lasted for twelve years, did not produce any children. Grover was a stepfather to four children Donna had from her previous marriage to Tony Owen.

Before Grover got married to Donna, she had been married and divorced twice. Donna was first married to William Tuttle, a makeup artist. They were together from 1943 to 1945. They had no children together. She then went ahead to marry Tony Owen, with whom she had four children.

Grover Asmus’ marriage to Louise Currie

In 2001, Grover got married to Louise Currie. Their marriage took place in an undisclosed location in the United States of America. There needs to be more information on their marriage because it could not attract much media attention.

The marriage ended after two years due to the death of Grover Asmus. The couple did not have any children together.

Grover Asmus died of a brain tumor

In January 2003, Grover was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He underwent surgery, in which part of the tumor was removed. A few days after the surgery, he died of tumor complications. He died on October 11, 2003. He was 77 years at the time of his demise.

He was succeeded in death by his then-wife, Louise Currie, two children: Grover Buster Asmus and Christina Abell, and many grandchildren.