Who is Van Fagan?: Rhonda Shear’s Husband

By | November 2, 2023
Who is Van Fagan?: Rhonda Shear's Husband

Who is Rhonda Shear’s Husband, Van Fagan?

Van Fagan is a businessman famous for being married to American TV personality, actress, comedian, and fellow businesswoman Rhonda Honey Shear. The couple had been childhood sweethearts and got married on January 11, 2001. They have remained together today with no child so far but business partners of Shear Enterprise, a garment enterprise that has attracted millions of dollars since its establishment.

 Shear individually creates and designs each piece of clothing, and she has had considerable success on The Shopping Channel and HSN. She discusses the main obstacles she has faced, how she has individually developed her brand over time, and other topics in this conversation. She spoke to Forbes about Van Fagan, the man she is married to and had known since she was 12. They established Shear Enterprises LLC to work together to make up for their 26-year apart. Theirs are a real love story and the American Dream!

The couple lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. Recently, Rhonda Shear and her husband, Van Fagan, bought a house in The Highlands. They are overjoyed to be a part of a group that is so kind. They intend to spend time in their new Highlands home, get to know their beautiful neighbors, expand their company by employing local talent, and engage with the neighborhood by holding events and contributing to neighborhood charities.

Van Fagan is a successful business mogul

Van Fagan is a businessman, and public records show that he has been connected to five companies. The businesses were established over nine years, with the most current one being incorporated in May 2014. The remaining three firms are currently reported as being dormant, although two of them are still operating.

According to public documents filed with the Florida Department of State, Shear Enterprises, LLC was established on Thursday, August 13, 2009, and has been operating for around fourteen years. Van Fagan with his wife, Rhonda Shears, are the owners of this Enterprise.

With regard to official papers submitted to the Florida Department of State, he was also the CEO of Up All-Night Inc. He registered as a Domestic for-Profit Corporation in the State of Florida on Thursday, October 26, 2006, and is thought to be seventeen years old. Additionally, he served as CEO of three currently dormant companies: Manager for Nature’s Way, Maison Rouge Corp., and Huggums LLC.

There has yet to be any mention of the couple having any children as of 2023. It is, however, expected that at a point, we would hear news of the couple surprising the public with a child, given that they want one.

Rhonda Shear: Van Fagan’s Wife

Van Fagan got married to Rhonda Honey Shear, an American television personality, comedian, actor, and businesswoman, who was born on November 12, 1954. She gained notoriety as the host of the weekend B movie program USA Up All Night on the USA Network in the 1990s. She began a company selling personal goods on Home Shopping Network (HSN) in 2001. In 2010, the Ahh Bra became one of her most popular offerings. She frequently takes part in Tampa Bay Fashion Week activities.

Van Fagan’s wife, Rhonda Shear, was born in Louisiana’s New Orleans. She went to Loyola University and graduated with a BA in communications. She relocated to Los Angeles, California, to seek a career in Hollywood after receiving her degree from Loyola in 1977. Van Fagan’s wife, Rhonda Shear, organized the Making Strides: Put on Your Pink Bra Event for the American Cancer Society in 2011 and contributed as a sponsor.

Shear had the opportunity to meet women who were struggling through treatment or recovering from surgery and in need of bras that were inexpensive, attractive, and comfortable through speaking engagements, designing a gigantic flying bra for the Red Bull Flugtag, and assisting with fundraising activities. 

She was moved by their vigor, perseverance, and sense of belonging. Shear maintains her connections by making monthly product donations to women’s shelters around the nation and by maintaining her engagement with other philanthropic organizations countrywide that support research and empower women. Rhonda Shear wed Van Fagen, who is her business partner at Shear Enterprises and the love of her life since childhood. They are residents of St. Petersburg, Florida.