Adriana Tarud: Former Beauty Queen and wife of Rafael Novoa

By | August 11, 2023
Adriana Tarud: Former Beauty Queen and wife of Rafael Novoa

Adriana Tarud is a Columbian model and former beauty pageant winner. Adriana is popularly known as the wife of actress Rafael Novoa, a Columbian actor known for numerous blockbuster movies. Rafael has earned many awards and nominations throughout his acting career from 1995 to date.

How old is Adriana Tarud?

Adriana Tarud was born in Barranquilla, Columbia, on September 10, 1982. As of 2023, she is 40 years old. Adriana holds the Columbian nationality and belongs to the Latino ethnicity. She is the daughter of Pablo Tarud Jaar and Cecilia Duran, both old natives of Barranquilla.

Adriana belongs to a wealthy extended family. She has two siblings, who are all men. The brothers are Pablo Andres and Daniel Duran. Adriana is also related to Argelino Duran Quintero. Argelino, Adriana’s grandfather, was a former minister of Columbia and was assassinated some years ago.

The former beauty contest winner, Adriana Tarud, is related to singer and songwriter Shakira through her grandfather’s lineage. Shakira, whose full name is Shakira Isabella Mebarak Ripoll, is a renowned musician who has been active in her career from 1990 to date. She has released numerous chart-topping songs and won many awards and nominations for herself. One of her hit songs is a song she made for the 2014 World Cup.

Adriana Tarud is a well-educated personality. She attended the prestigious University of Miami, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Adriana participated in the university with a full scholarship due to her outstanding academic background. She also holds a minor in Economics and Business Administration.

In terms of career, Adriana is an industrial engineer. Information on where she currently works is yet to be disclosed to the public. With her background in beauty pageantry, she embarks on numerous humanitarian activities. She helps raise money and other help for various human courses.

Adriana Tarud and her beauty pageant history

Rafael Novoa’s wife, Adriana, started her journey into the beauty pageant world in 2004 when she was 21. She first participated in Miss Columbia 2004, representing her department, the Atlantic. At the end of the competition, she was announced the winner, which allowed her to contest for Miss World.

Adriana Tarud won Best Figure and Best Fantasy Costume awards at Miss Columbia 2004. In the following year, 2015, she went to Bangkok-Thailand to compete in Miss World 2005, but unfortunately, Adriana did not get figuration.

In 2005, Adriana Tarud’s cousin, Valerie Dominguez Duran, succeeded her as Miss Columbia in 2005.

Her marriage to Rafael Novoa

Adriana Turad is famous for her marriage to Rafael Novoa, aside her fame as a former beauty pageant winner. None of the two love birds has revealed how they first met, but according to Rafael’s Wikipedia, they got married in 2012. Their wedding ceremony was held in a yet-to-be-disclosed location in their home country, Columbia. The family and loved ones of the couple attended the wedding ceremony.

Adriana and Rafael have been married for eleven years and have a daughter. Their daughter is called Alana Novoa. Her birth date is yet to be revealed to the public.

In 2022, there were rumours of divorce between the couple. This rumour was sparked when Rafael, usually seen with his wife at various outdoor events, was seen solo at an event. These rumours died out, and none of the couples has come out to accept or deny it.

It might have been interesting to know about the previous romantic relationships of both Adriana Turad and her husband, Rafael Novoa, but such information is unavailable.

Rafael Novoa was born on October 31, 1971. He is 51 years old now. He was born to a middle-class family in Bogota, Columbia. Though he is a famous actor in his home country, he has kept his personal life away from the public.

Some of Rafael’s movies include : Flor de oro(1995), Se solicita príncipe azul(2006), Las trampas del amor(2009), El Señor de los Cielos(2017), etc.