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Ted Briskin: Everything About Betty Hutton’s Husband

Who was Ted Briskin? Ted Briskin was a camera manufacturer in the United States and famous for working in that industry. He was born on October 28, 1917, in Chicago and is mainly well known for being the husband of actress and singer Betty Hutton. The couple met in a nightclub and described their first… Read More »

Morgan Rae Mills: Who was Judson Mills’ Third Wife

What we know about Morgan Rae Mills Morgan Rae Mills is an American native, well known for being the third wife of the famous actor Judson Mills. Morgan Rae Mills and Judson Mills got married in 2005 and, during their time of marriage, gave birth to two children. However, Judson already had a son from… Read More »

Stuart Hagler: Get To Know Natalie Gal’s Ex-husband

Who is Staurt Hagler? Stuart Hagler is the CEO of TransCoastal Corporation, an oil and gas corporation. He is famous for being the ex-husband of actor and model Natalie Gal. Stuart Hagler was born in 1967 and is 52 years old as of 2023. He lives in Dallas, Texas, United States. Hagler married Natalie Gal in… Read More »

Torray Scales: Inside The Life of Samantha Mumba’s Husband

Who is Torray Scales? Torray Scales is an American police officer who works for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Torray Scales is famous for marrying Irish singer, dancer, actor, and model Samantha Mumba. The couple married in 2011 after Samantha’s marriage with R&B singer Sisqo ended in 2005. The couple initially met at a… Read More »

Danny Zugelder: Danielle Steel’s Former Husband

Who is Danny Zugelder? Danny Zugelder is a felon and a native American born in 1950. He can be described as a tall man with green eyes and grey hair. He was convicted of rape by threat, robbery, and, according to other sources, convicted with murder also. However, Danny Zugelder is famous for having been… Read More »

Calvin Chrane: Who is Susan Howard married to?

Who is Calvin Chrane? Calvin Chrane is an American actor and film executive born November 7, 1943, in Brown County, Texas. He is married to Susan Howard. The two met during a movie production and dated for one year before marrying in 1974. They are together until today. Calvin, however, was formerly married to Patricia… Read More »

Who is Ruben Lira?: Cynthia Klitbo’s Ex-husband

Who was Cynthia Klitbo’s Third Husband? Ruben Lira is a Mexican artistic coordinator who was formerly the spouse of Mexican actress Cynthia Klitbo. Ruben Lira was born in 1977 and was 10 years younger than Cynthia. Ruben Lira and Cynthia Klibo got together in 2005, and Cynthia got pregnant shortly. The news was, however, good… Read More »

Who is Phil Bickett?: Mally Roncal’s husband

Who is Mally Roncal’s husband? Phil Bickett is a well-known photographer and former model, born on October 18, 1961. He is also famously known for being the husband of celebrity makeup artist and founder of Mally Beauty cosmetics line, Mally Roncal. Phil Bickett and Mally Roncal met in 1988 and got married. They have three… Read More »

Judith Kliban: Who was Bill Bixby’s Wife before his demise?

Judith Kliban was the wife of Bill Bixby. Judith’s late husband, Bill Bixby, was an American actor, director and producer who usually appeared on game shows as a panelist. Bill had a remarkable career, which spanned over three decades. He spent his career featuring in movies, television shows and stage performances. Besides being the third… Read More »