Barnabe Nuytten: Isabelle Adjani’s Son with Bruno Nuytten

Barnabe Nuytten: Isabelle Adjani's Son with Bruno Nuytten

Who is Barnabe Nuytten?

Barnabé Nuytten is an actor, musician, and composer, born on April 1, 1979. He is the son of the actress Isabelle Adjani and famous French cinematographer-turned-director Bruno Nuytten. Barnabé is Eric Adjani’s nephew and the elder half-brother of actor, model, and singer-songwriter Gabriel Kane Day Lewis. Barnabé Nuytten strikes a careful balance between his family ties and his creative expression, having been raised in a household of accomplished artists.

In addition to winning the César Award for Best Picture, his father, Bruno Nuytten, received praise for his directing debut, “Camille Claudel,” which featured Isabelle Adjani, with who Bruno is parents to Barnabé. His approach to fame is best demonstrated by the way he startled viewers on “Le Grand Journal” by revealing his mother’s link until later in the program. He is the drummer for The Aikiu.

In addition to his public character, Barnabé is the stepson of Tatiana Vialle, with whom his father Bruno has been living since 1996. Besides all this, it is known that Barnabé Nuytten prefers to keep his life private, therefore it is unknown if he has a wife and children.

Barnebe Nuytten’s parents

Both Isabelle Adjani and Bruno Nuytten, the parents of Barnabé Nuytten, are famous names in the film business especially French films. Even though they produced children together, they had problems in their relationship and eventually parted ways. Barnabé Nuytten’s mother Isabelle Adjani is a French actress and singer, born on June 27, 1955. She has won alot of awards over her career, including five César Awards for Best Actress. Her noteworthy roles in movies include “La Reine Margot,” “Camille Claudel,” “One Deadly Summer,” and “Possession.” Due to her skill and adaptability, Adjani has become one of the most renowned actresses in French film.

Born on August 28, 1945, Barnabé Nuytten’s father Bruno Nuytten first worked as a cameraman before deciding to become a director. His contributions to “Les Valseuses,” “Possession,” and “Manon des Sources,” among other films, brought him distinction. In 1989, Isabelle Adjani’s portrayal of the title character in Nuytten’s feature debut, “Camille Claudel,” won the César Award for Best Film.


In regard to Barnabé Nuytten’s career path, Barnabé’s diverse skill set has distinguished him throughout his career in the entertainment sector. He performs as the rhythm guitarist and main vocalist for the band Makali. He also writes music for motion pictures, which gives his creative oeuvre a new angle. Contributing to the documentary “2 ou 3 choses qu’on ne sait pas d’elle,” which is devoted to his mother Isabelle Adjani, is one of his most renowned efforts.

His ability to portray the spirit of the subject matter through his songs was demonstrated by his musical prowess in this undertaking. Barnabé has pursued acting in addition to music, appearing in movies like “A Good Year” (2006), “Jim, la nuit” (2002), and “Isabelle Adjani, 2 ou 3 choses qu’on ne sait pas d’elle.” (2013).

How many children does Barnabe has?

Information concerning if Barnabé Nuytten has children or not is generally not known. As mentioned earlier, Barnabé Nuytten prefers to keep a private life and therefore, there is a possibility of him having children yet that piece of information just has not hit the media yet. 


It is unknown whether or not Barnabé Nuytten has a wife or even if he has ever had one, as the media has also failed to capture that. It is believed that Barnabé Nuytten likes to keep things private, so this is understandable.