Carolina Dias: Facts About Kaka’s Wife

By | January 4, 2024
Carolina Dias: Facts About Kaka's Wife

Carolina Dias is a renowned Brazilian model and wife of former footballer Ricardo Kaka. Carolina’s husband, popularly known as Kaka, is a Brazilian football legend who started his football career in Sao Paulo at age eight. He played for many renowned football teams like Real Madrid, A.C Milan and Orlando City. He was a one-time World Footballer of The Year.

Who is Carolina Dias?

Carolina Dias was born in Goiania, Brazil, on August 11, 1995. She is 29 years old as of January 2024. She is a Brazilian citizen and belongs to the Brancos ethnicity. Though she has not revealed any personal information on who her parents are, disclosed that Carolina was born and raised in a very supportive family that instilled in her the character of hard work and determination.

Carolina Dias has, over the years, ensured that her private information is far away from the public. There is no information available on where she had her basic, elementary or tertiary education. Though undisclosed, she is likely to have had them all in Brazil since she has spent most of her life there.

Her husband, Ricardo Kaka, was born on April 22, 1982, in Gama, Federal District, Brazil. He is 41 years old. He holds a Brazilian passport and belongs to the white race. Kaka was born into a financially strong family who made sure he was able to focus on both school and his football career. He joined Sao Paulo FC at age seven when his family moved to his hometown, Sao Paulo. A paralysis from a swimming accident nearly became a hindrance to his football career, but he recovered.

Carolina has been a football lover since childhood and used to accompany her father to watch various football games.

Carolina Dias began her modelling career as a teenager.

According to Sportbrief, Kaka’s wife, Carolina Dias, started her career as a model in her teenage years. She combined her education and her modelling career with the support of her family, which she has kept a secret. At the moment, Carolina has made a big name for herself in the modelling industry.

She is signed with a modelling agency named Ford Modeling Agency. With the help of the agency, she has been able to work for a lot of famous brands and companies. Some of the favourite brands she has worked with include Easy Sim 4U and Easy Beauty. To add to her career achievements, she has covered several magazines in and outside her home country, Brazil.

According to sources, she makes over a million dollars yearly. She is financially sane and may not need to depend entirely on her husband, Kaka, for her life expenses. Her career success could be attributed to her confidence and beauty.

Her marriage to Kaka

Carolina Dias started dating Kaka a few months after the footballer divorced his first wife, Carolina Celico, who happens to have been his childhood lover. They started dating in 2016, and Kaka officially confirmed the relationship on his Instagram page on December 24, 2016. During their dating period, they were seen together on various outdoor occasions, including Lucas Moura’s and his wife’s wedding.

A year after their relationship was made public, the duo got married in a secret wedding ceremony in December 2017. They continued to shower each other with love and affection even after marriage. Carolina used to travel to watch her husband’s games in the United States before he retired professionally.

There is no known former romantic relationship of Carolina Dias, but her husband Kaka is known to have been formerly married to his childhood sweetheart, Carolina Celico. The two got married on December 25, 2005. They got divorced in 2015, with both of them announcing the decision on their social media pages.

Kaka’s marriage to Celico produced two children, a boy and a girl, which both parent co-parents. Kaka has one child with Carolina Dias. The child, Esther Leite, was born on October 8, 2020. She is three years old now. Carolina is also the stepmother of the two children from Kaka’s previous marriage.