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Amber Sasse: Everything About Dexter Hollard’s wife

Who is Dexter Hollard’s wife, Amber Sasse? Amber Sasse is an American Journalist born in the United States of America. Her exact date and place of birth us unknown but it is possible she was born in the 1960s or 1970s. Amber Sasse is famous for being the second wife of well known musician, songwriter,… Read More »

Carolina Dias: Facts About Kaka’s Wife

Carolina Dias is a renowned Brazilian model and wife of former footballer Ricardo Kaka. Carolina’s husband, popularly known as Kaka, is a Brazilian football legend who started his football career in Sao Paulo at age eight. He played for many renowned football teams like Real Madrid, A.C Milan and Orlando City. He was a one-time… Read More »

Bonney Lindsey: Everything About Burt Ward’s First Wife

Who is Bonney Lindsey? Bonney Lindsey is the daughter of famous music conductor Mort Lindsey and the first wife of actor Burt Ward, who played Robin in the Batman TV series. Bonney Lindsey and Burt Ward married in 1965 and had a daughter named Lisa Ann Ward in 1966. The marriage did not last for… Read More »

Handan Deniz: Who was Ozcan Deniz’s First Wife?

Who is Handan Deniz? Handan Deniz is a native Turkish. Her exact date of birth is unknown, but it is assumed she is in her late 40s. She is known for marrying famous actor, singer, and composer Ozcan Deniz. Handan Deniz was his first wife, and they tied the knot in 1992. However, after just… Read More »

Randy Zamcheck: Facts About Lauren Stamile

Who is Randy Zamcheck? Randy Zamcheck is an American writer famous for being the husband of Lauren Stamile, an American actress. Randy Zamcheck and his wife Laure got married on April 15, 2009. The couple attended the same college, but Lauren said their meeting was not in college but just by chance. The couple, after… Read More »

Tina Dehghani: Inside The Life Of Morrisey’s Girlfriend

Who is Tina Dehghani? Tina Dehghani is an Iranian native famous for having been in a relationship with British singer and songwriter Steven Patrick Morrisey since 1999. Tina’s family was forced to relocate to Los Angeles when she was merely two years old, and since then, they have made their home in Woodland Hills. Her… Read More »

Ozias Jaffrey: Raza Jaffrey’s Son With Lara Pulver

Who is Ozias Jaffrey? Ozias Jaffrey is the firstborn of a famous couple, Raza Jaffrey and Lara Pulver, who are both renowned actors. Ozias Jaffrey was born on February 17, 2017, in the United States of America. The artistic genius of his illustrious parents lives on in this gifted young person. Ozias’s road to success… Read More »

Sharyn Haddad: Everything About Nick Nolte’s Ex-Wife

Who is Sharyn Haddad? Sharyn Haddad is an author and a former dancer, well known for being the ex-wife of famous American actor Nicholas King Nolte. The couple met at a renowned restaurant disco in 1977 and married on May 10, 1978. While together, the couple never had any children. Sharyn was born to a… Read More »