Colleen Gunderson : Facts About Charlie Schlatter’s Wife

By | June 25, 2023
Colleen Gunderson : Facts About Charlie Schlatter's Wife

Who is Colleen Gunderson?

Colleen Gunderson is an American actress famously known for marrying Charlie Schlatter, the famous actor, in 1994. Her date of birth and exact place of birth is unknown, but some sources believe she would be in her early 50s or late 40s. Colleen Gunderson has appeared in a few movies and series as minor characters. Colleen Gunderson and Charlie Schlatter have three children together. Not much is known regarding Colleen Gunderson’s personal life; she does not appear to be as famous as her husband, Charlie.

Colleen Gunderson is an actress

As stated earlier, Colleen Gunderson is an American actress who has worked on several series. These are just a few, but she appeared in the romantic comedy movie Out at the Wedding (2007); a lady hides her relationship with a black guy from her family by claiming to be a lesbian. In the movie, she portrayed a wedding guest. Additionally, she had an appearance in a few episodes of the criminal drama series Diagnosis: Murder (1993–2001), which starred her husband, Charlie Schlatter and Dick Van Dyke. She portrayed a recurrent character named Nurse Nancy Nichols, who works at the hospital where Drs. Jesse Travis (Schlatter) and Mark Sloan (Van Dyke) are employed.

Colleen and her husband have three children

Colleen Gunderson and her husband, Charlie Schlatter, married and produced three children; Julia, Quinn and Beck Frederick. September 15 1997, saw the birth of Julia Marie Schlatter. She has been seen in various pictures with her parents and is known to be the oldest daughter. December 12, 1999, was the birthdate of Quinn Schlatter. She is the second daughter, and he has also been in various pictures with her parents. Beck Frederick Schlatter was born on May 12, 2002; he looks much like his father and is the youngest son. Not many details are known regarding their personal lives; they live low-key lives away from the media.

Colleen Ginderson’s husband : Charlie Schlatter

In 1994, Colleen Gunderson married Charlier Schlatter, and they remain married to this day. American actor Charles Thomas “Charlie” Schlatter, born May 1, 1966, has starred in several motion pictures and television shows. His most notable performance was as Dr Jesse Travis on the CBS drama Diagnosis: Murder, where he lived with Dr Mark Sloan. 

Since the 1990s, he has focused on voice acting, playing characters like Wonder-Red in The Wonderful 101, the eponymous character on Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil, and the Flash in various mediums.

Colleen Gunderson’s husband, Charlier Schlatter, was born in New Jersey’s Englewood. He began acting at the Fair Lawn, New Jersey, borough’s Memorial Junior High School as a little boy. According to rumours, he merely attended the school play’s audition for Oliver! to win a girl’s attention over, and luckily, Oliver Twist’s primary role was given to him.

Charlier Schlatter, was an Ithaca College student. Later on, he received his B.F.A. in musical theatre. He performed in several school productions and honed his guitar, percussion, and keyboard skills. He also started penning tunes.

Schlatter was requested to attend an audition for Bright Lights, Big City, when a casting director saw him at a performance in 1987. His first acting role was that of Michael J. Fox’s younger brother.

He featured in Chris Columbus’ 1988 film Heartbreak Hotel, where his character kidnaps Elvis Presley to please his mother (Tuesday Weld). His most notable performance was in the comedy 18 Again! from 1988. In the movie, his 18-year-old character switches bodies and minds with George Burns’ 81-year-old grandfather. In his humorous lead part, he was praised for “displaying immense versatility and extraordinary talent as an actor.

In 1990, Schlatter dated Jennifer Aniston when the Ferris Bueller television series was being filmed. In 1994, he wed Colleen Gunderson, with whom he had two girls and a son.

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