Dharma Villareal : Everything About Ana Leza’s husband

Dharma Villareal : Everything About Ana Leza's husband

Who is Dharma Villareal, Ana Leza’s husband?

Dharma Villareal is known to be an editor and documentarian for Xerox company. Dharma Villareal is a Mexican national, but where exactly he is from is unknown to the public, nor is his date of birth. Dharma Villareal is also well known for being the husband of Spanish actress Ana Leza from November 26, 2000, till this day, after she divorced Antonio Banderas in 1966. 

Villareal and Leza connected via a shared love of Siddha Yoga, a meditation. After dating for several years, the pair were hitched in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California, in 2000. Since Ana and Dharma have been wed for ten years, there have been no rumors of their separation or extramarital affairs.

Dharma is a video editor

Most of Dharma Villareal’s career has been spent as an editor and documentarian for the Xerox firm, a business that offers printing and digital document goods and services. Additionally, he has experience as an assistant editor for the hit television program Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which follows a gang of youths who can change into superheroes and battle evil aliens.

Dharma Villareal and his wife, Ana Leza, have no children together

Dharma Villareal and his wife, Leza, have been married for twenty-three years, yet they never produced children. The couple never considered starting a family because of a demanding profession. There are also rumors that their divorce may have anything to do with the subject of children. But she and Dharma are parents to two children, Sofia Macarena and Clara Maria.

The four-person family is so devout that they even took on a Buddhist alter ego. The eldest daughter of Ana, Clara Maria, goes by Clara Priya, while Sofia Macarena goes by Sophia Sindhu. Besides these pieces of information, no other information about their personal life is known to the public. It can be assumed that they prefer to stay out of the media’s spotlight.

Dharma is married to Ana Leza

Dharma Villareal married the actress Ana Leza in 2000. Ana Leza is from Spain and was born in Madrid. She is the off-screen daughter of the late Concha Leza and Mara de la Concepción Leza Nez. She is well recognized for performing in El Placer de matar, Of Love and Shadows, and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas was married to Dharma Villareal’s wife, Ana Leza. Antonio’s private English instructor at the time, Ana Leza, had a crucial role in Antonio’s life. Leza assisted him in working on the Los Reyes del Mambo script translation. She also exuded a lot of confidence as she worked on the assignment. After 30 years in Hollywood, he received his first Oscar nomination for Best Leading Actor for his performance.

After dating for six months, Ana Leza and Antonio said “I do” on July 27, 1987, at a chapel in Madrid. He was completely illiterate in English until he met Leza. She helped the Desperado star speak now. So, Ana Leza deserves all of the credit for his achievement. However, they divorced in 1996 due to Antonio being constantly busy and possibly having issues with having children. Ana Leza then met and married Dharma Villareal after four years.

Dharma Villareal Ana Leza also appeared in these movies and played a supporting role; “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” (1990): The dark romantic comedy directed by acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar. The movie tells the narrative of Ricky, a newly discharged mental patient (played by Antonio Banderas), who develops an obsession with Marina, a former porn actress (played by Victoria Abril). To get Marina to fall in love with him, Ricky kidnaps her.

The 1987 film “La Estanquera de Vallecas” is a Spanish drama directed by Eloy de la Iglesia based on the same-named play. A working-class couple named Justa (Concha Velasco) and Paco (José Sacristán) unearth a bag of money and grapple with the moral problem of what to do with it in the movie.

Also, she played a role in the Spanish family drama “El pájaro de la felicidad” (also known as “The Bird of Happiness”), which Pilar Miró directed, and was released in 1993. The movie’s main character is a small kid named Joaqun who finds a bird that is hurt and brings it home to take care of it. Joaqun’s selfless deed causes his family to experience several tensions and difficulties.