Denise Coward: Who is John James married to?

Denise Coward: Who is John James married to?

Who is Denise Coward?

Denise Ellen Coward is an Australian actress best known for Sudden Death, a movie made in 1985. Coward is also known for being the wife of famous American actor John James. Denise Coward was born in Perth, Western Australia, on May 8, 1955, making her 63 years old as of 2023. 

Denise Coward’s birth sign is known to be Capricorn. Her alternate name after marriage to John James is Denise James. Coward has been married John James on April 20, 1989. The couple produced two children. In her prime, Coward was described as a beautiful, tall, elegant lady with high class and a natural talent for acting.

Denise is an actress by profession

Denise Coward is a pure talent in acting, mainly recognized for movies like Sudden Death (1985). This movie depicts a New York City business lady becoming a vigilante after being raped by two car thieves. 

Denise Coward also appeared in Battle for the Lost Planet (1986), a sci-fi movie that depicts a group; after taking control of a space shuttle, a spy discovers that the controls are broken and observes extraterrestrial warships sailing towards Earth. When his flight path circles back to Earth many years later, he discovers that the globe has fallen under alien rule.

Another well-recognized movie Coward acted in is The Edge of Night (1956), where Attorney Mike Karr and his colleagues in Monticello are tasked with resolving mysteries and crimes that impact the lives of many locals.

Denise Coward and John James have two children together

Denise Coward, with her husband John James, produced two beautiful children: a daughter, Laura James, born in 1990 and a son, Phillip James, born in 1992. Their daughter is an American actress and model. Laura James won America’s Next Top Model’s nineteenth cycle in 2012, so L.A. Models and New York Model Management signed her.

Laura James was born in Cambridge, New York, to Australian model and Miss World 1978 runner-up Denise Coward and American actor John James. Laura James studied Hotel Resort Tourism Management at Paul Smith’s College before appearing on America’s Next Top Model.

However, Coward and John James’s son, Philip James, is a member of the Air Force.

Denise’s husband, John James, is a Hollywood actor

Denise Coward married famous actor John James, whose full name was John James Anderson. John James Anderson is an American born on April 18, 1956, and is best known to television viewers for portraying Jeff Colby in the 1980s prime-time soap opera Dynasty and its spin-off series The Colbys. James was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Herb Oscar Anderson II, his brother, is also an actor.

Denise Coward’s husband, John James, has a long history in daytime soaps; in the late 1970s, he debuted in Search for Tomorrow. He was cast as Jeff Colby in Dynasty in 1981, making his screen debut in “Oil,” and lasting in the soap opera until its final episode, “Catch 22,” in 1989. Between 1985 and 1987, James played the same part in The Colbys. He also appeared in the 1991 T.V. movie Dynasty: The Reunion.

Denise Coward’s husband, John James, was a 1985 Golden Globe Award nominee for his performance in Dynasty and attended the 1986 event. Edward James Olmos, however, won the Golden Globe as the Best Supporting Actor of a Series, Miniseries, or Film.

James appeared in several David Giancola-directed movies, including Chronology (2015) with William Baldwin and Danny Trejo, The Cursed aka Peril (2001) with Morgan Fairchild and Michael Pare, Lightning: Fire from the Sky (2001) with Jesse Eisenberg, Stacy Keach, and John Schneider, and Icebreaker (2000) with Sean Astin, Bruce Campbell, and Stacy Keach.

Denise Ellen married James in 1989. They have two children. James considered running as a Republican for the 21st Congressional District of New York in 2014.