Who is Liberty Godshall?: Facts About Edward Zwick’s Wife

By | September 3, 2023
Who is Liberty Godshall?: Facts About Edward Zwick's Wife

Liberty Godshall is an actress and producer

Lynn Liberty Godshall is a famous American actress and producer best known for her work on Thirtysomething (1987), Once and Again (1999) and Nashville (2012). Godshall is also known for being the wife of movie producer Edward Zwick since October 24, 1982. The couple has two children, Jesse Zwick and Frankie Zwick. Godshall was born in Los Angeles, United States, with her birth date not disclosed. 

Liberty Godshall’s birth sign is also not known. Her name after marriage to Edward Zwick is Liberty Zwick. Godshall can be described as a beautiful blonde-haired lady, tall and elegant, with perfect teeth and a natural talent for the movie industry.

Liberty’s father was also in the movie industry

Liberty Godshall is the daughter of Raymond Godshall Jr., another famous person in the movie industry, born on August 30, 1919, in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA. Godshall’s father, Raymond Godshall, is best known for the movie Glory (1989).

He was previously married to Nancy Freed, the mother of Godshall. However, not much light is displayed on her personal life and achievements. Liberty Godshall’s father, Raymond Godshall, died on April 20, 2012, in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, USA, and her mother, Nancy Freed, died on December 14, 2004.

Liberty Godshall has had an awesome career in the entertainment industry

Liberty Godshall is recognized for the movie series Thirtysomething (1987), which tells the story of seven tricenarians living in Philadephia, struggling with daily adult life. She is also well known for the movie series Once and Again (1999), which depicts a divorced father and a mother who meet and start a loving romance, which is constantly hampered by their separate children and personal issues.

Another famous movie series that reminds us of Godshall is Nashville(2012), which tracks the lives and tragedies of rising fame and falling stars in the country music genre in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Tess O’Brien/Dixie/Blonde from “B.J. and the Bear,” Dr. Diane Taylor from “Ethel Is an Elephant,” and Nyree from “Buck Rogers in the Twenty-First Century” have all been played by Godshall. She received a nomination for a Writers Guild of America, USA Award in 1992 for her outstanding performance in Thirtysomething (1987).

Liberty Godshall and Edward Zwick are parents of two children

Godshall, with her husband, Edward Zwick, produced two lovely children: Frankie Zwick, with the date of birth unknown to the public, and Jesse Zwick, whose birthday we also do not know yet. Not many details are known to the public regarding their personal lives besides just their children’s names.

It can, however, be assumed that Liberty Godshall and her husband, Edward Zwick, prefer to keep their children’s lives away from the mouths of the media altogether.

Edward Zwick: Liberty Godshall’s husband

Godshall’s husband, Filmmaker Edward M. Zwick, was born in the United States on October 8, 1952. Zwick, the son of Ruth Ellen (née Reich) and Allen Zwick, was born into a Jewish household in Chicago, Illinois. He attended New Trier High School and graduated in 1975 with a Master of Fine Arts from the AFI Conservatory after receiving an A.B. from Harvard in 1974. His work has been chiefly seen in comedy-drama and epic historical films, such as The Last Samurai, Glory, Legends of the Fall, and About Last Night. Additionally, he co-created the television shows Once and Again and Thirtysomething.

Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Craig, Jennifer Connelly, Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Liev Schreiber, and Laura Dern have all collaborated with him over his career. Liberty Godshall’s husband, Filmmaker Edward M. Zwick, has also been nominated for many Golden Globe Awards.

Glory (1989), Legends of the Fall (1994), The Siege (1998), The Last Samurai (2003), Blood Diamond (2006), and Defiance (2008) are only a few of his movies. The Bedford Falls Company, which Zwick co-owns with Marshall Herskovitz, comes from the fictional town in Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. This business is responsible for the TV series Thirtysomething, Relativity, Once and Again, My So-Called Life, and the films Traffic and Shakespeare in Love.

Shakespeare in Love earned Edward Zwick one of the Academy Awards for Best Picture, while Traffic earned him a nomination in the same category. Despite having the same last name and line of work as Joel Zwick, Edward is not related to him.