Enza Sambataro: Inside The Life of Kevin Youkilis’ Ex-wife

By | September 8, 2023
Enza Sambataro: Inside The Life of Kevin Youkilis' Ex-wife

Who is Enza Sambataro?

Enza Sambataro is an American socialite and businesswoman, born on February 16, 1978, in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. Enza Sambataro is also one of the celebrity wives well-known for her passionate liaisons with influential celebrities. She gained notoriety for her 2004 romance with Ben Affleck, which ended abruptly because of the wealthy celebrity’s reputation. 

She had a typical life, attended college to further her education, achieved success relatively early in her career, and became well-known and gained a sizable social media following. Enza Sambataro’s birth sign is Aquarius and can be described as a tall, beautiful lady of five feet 8 inches, moderate weight with dark hair.

Enza Sambataro is a businesswoman

Enza Sambataro is known as a businesswoman and socialite. She was a co-founder and president of the nonprofit organization “Hits For Kids,” and she has also been on the boards of “Music Drives Us” and the “Italian Home for Children.” She now serves on the board of directors for the Bina Farm Center. Enza is devoted to the physical and intellectual well-being of children. She is a loving mother of two kids, an enthusiastic golfer, and a fitness fanatic.

She raised over $360,000 for the nonprofit at a Mohegan Sun event. The group has generated almost $2 million for New England-based community-based NGOs and medical research initiatives since its formation in September 2007. Additionally, Enza Sambataro has ties to various charities, including Christopher’s Haven in Boston and New York.

Enza Sambataro has about $1.5 million net worth. She has accumulated this sum thanks to her prominent activities in the entertainment sector.

Enza Sambataro has no known children

Enza Sambataro is married to Ernie Boch Jr. and is mother to Ernie Boch’s former wife’s children, Alex and Kelsey Boch, two beautiful baby girls. The couple likes to keep their children’s lives out of the public eye; therefore, few pieces of information are available about their lives.

The numerous affairs of Enza Sambataro

As mentioned earlier, Enza Sambataro is well-known for her extramarital affairs, including those with American actor Ben Affleck. They got to know one another while at a Boston Red Sox game, where they later started dating. Before terminating five months later, the romance attracted a lot of media coverage and rumours. The pair said their relationship was destroyed by too much public attention. 

Enza Sambataro got married to American businessman Robert McGee, while Ben Affleck wed Jennifer Garner.

The marriage did not survive as planned due to bad events, and she later started dating baseball player and fellow celebrity Kevin Youkilis. In New York, for business, they crossed paths. Before getting engaged, they started dating after connecting and dating for some time. Unfortunately, the engagement failed due to the painful truth. Finally, splitting apart. Ernie Boch Junior, an American business magnate and the CEO of Boch Enterprises, is the man she is currently married to.

Enza Sambataro is now married to a multimillionaire

Enza Sambataro is married to Ernest Alexander Boch Jr., a multimillionaire American businessman born on February 15, 1958. He served as the previous CEO of Boch Enterprises, a US$1 billion company mostly comprised of car dealerships in Norwood, Massachusetts, and is currently the CEO of Subaru of New England. Boch is a well-known local celebrity in the Greater Boston region who enjoys music, makes cameo appearances on television, and creatively approaches vehicle marketing and advertising. 

British racing green 1971 Volkswagen Beetle served as Ernie Jr.’s first automobile. When he was 16 in 1974, he purchased it from his family’s Toyota dealership’s used car section. He received his degree from Boston’s Berklee College of Music.

The family-owned vehicle company was handed down to Ernie Boch Jr. by his grandpa, Andrew Boch, in 1945. Despite early musical interests and brief conflicts with his father, Ernie became passionate about the auto industry. After his father’s death, he assumed control of the company. He sold most of his businesses in 2015 but kept the Ferrari and Maserati locations and his position as CEO of Subaru of New England.

Enza Sambataro lives with Ernie in a new home, formerly a mansion he acquired in 1997 on a one-acre Norwood property. In the ensuing twenty years, he acquired and demolished the homes of 17 of his neighbours while also turning his home into a 30,000-square-foot complex. “Back home in Europe, they used to build houses that would last generations,” he said. “Buildings are constructed here that are almost throwaway. It’s revolting!” He collects guitars has a private plane, a stretch limo, and rare sports vehicles. The Norwood Town Meeting permitted Ernie to build a mausoleum there in 2022.