Miguel Coleman: Everything About Lark Voorhies’ Ex-Husband

Miguel Coleman: Everything About Lark Voorhies' Ex-Husband

Miguel Coleman is an American artistic director, actor, and producer who rose to fame for his brief marriage to Lark Voorhies, an American actress famous for her role as Lisa Marie Turtle in NBC’s sitcom, Saved By The Bell. Miguel has been active in the entertainment industry for a long time, creating a name for himself.

Miguel is one of the two men Lark Voorhies has officially been married to. Though Lark has been romantically involved with a few men in her lifetime, she has been married and divorced twice, and Miguel happens to be the first of the two men.

This blog post seeks to throw more light on the life of the first husband of Lark Voorhies, who has kept his personal life away from the public.

Who is Miguel Coleman?

Miguel Coleman was born in August 1974 and is 49 years old as of 2023. Miguel was born in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. He holds American citizenship and belongs to the black race. Miguel is the son of Don Coleman and Betty Coleman, as per his bio details on Radaris.com.

As someone who spent his early childhood in California, information on whether he has siblings is yet to be revealed to the public. His former wife, Lark Halloway, who later took Voorhies as her stage name, was born in Nashville, Tennesse, to Wayne Halloway and his wife, Tricia Halloway. Tricia Halloway was a talent agent, and she helped her daughter, Lark, to start her acting career at the young age of 2.

In terms of education, Miguel Coleman has a solid background. According to ECelebrity.com, Miguel attended Los Angeles City College after he completed a local high school in Los Angeles. He studied playwriting and screenwriting in college.

Lark Voorhies’ first husband, Miguel, is an actor, producer, and artistic manager. According to his LinkedIn profile, Miguel first worked as a Ground Crew Operator for Northwest Airlines(1992-2000). He later started creating content on his official Twitter page.

From 2014 to 2016, Miguel Coleman worked as a driver and artistic director for Uber Black and Better Youth Festival. Since June 2014 till date, Miguel has worked as the Artistic Director for a company called BetterYouth.Org.

In the movie industry, Miguel has been credited with quite a few movies in which he either produced or starred as an actor; as per his IMBD profile, he is credited with roles in films like Finding My Obama(2012), To Debbie For Her Birthday(2008), The Hot Spot(2005), Keys Of Life(2003), In The House(1998), etc.

He is credited with producing the television series, Lummings(2008) and The Lazy Assassin(2004).

Miguel Coleman was previously married to Lark Voorhies

Miguel was the first husband of Lark Voorhies. They have yet to reveal information regarding how the former love birds met. They first met in 1996 and married a few months after dating. Their wedding ceremony took place on March 9, 1996. Before Lark married Miguel, she had been engaged to an actor named Martin Lawrence in 1993. The engagement was called off due to undisclosed reasons in 1994.

Invited friends and loved ones to attend their wedding ceremony. Even though Lark Voorhies was a famous actress at the time, her marriage to Miguel did not attract much media attention like other celebrity marriages.

Miguel Coleman and Lark Voorhies were married for five years. They first separated in 2001 and finally divorced in 2005. As per an article on People.com, the divorce greatly affected the mental health of Lark Voorhies. Their marriage did not produce any children. During their marriage, they were usually seen together at various outdoor events.

After the divorce, Miguel has been private about his relationship status. There is no information on whether he has remarried or remained single. His ex-wife, Lark, has been in a second marriage for only six months. She got met a music engineer in 2014 named Jimmy Green. They married in 2015 but went their separate ways after six months for unknown reasons.