Eva Rossovich: Who is Rick Rossovich’s wife?

Eva Rossovich: Who is Rick Rossovich's wife?

Who is Eva Rossovich?

Eva Rossovich is an elegant lady who contributed to making the movie Black Scorpion (1995). Eva is also famous for being the wife of Top Gun (1986) actor, Frederic Enrico Rossovich, popularly known as Rick Rossovich. Rick and Eva have been together for a long time and are happy even after four decades. The couple have two children together. 

The married couple and their adult children are frequently seen having fun on various occasions. They have a lovely connection and promote their family life in the media. The Rossovich family lives a comfortable lifestyle in the United States. The Rossovich family once held Malibu Home. In 2020, they sold that residence for $4 million to an unnamed buyer. 

They had been renting the house for $12,000 a month before that. In the early 1990s, the actor paid $600,000 for a 5-acre property in Ojai, California. For $2 million, they sold it in the late 2000s. The American homes owned by the Top Gun star are currently worth millions of dollars.

Eva Rossovich works in the movie industry

Eva Rossovich, like her husband, has experience working in the entertainment industry. It wasn’t acting, though. In the 1985 film Black Scorpion, which she worked on as the art director, was listed as a credit, a key scenic artist. The movie depicted a police officer by day and a superhero known as Black Scorpion by night who kicks and beats villains into submission.

She quickly learns about a crazy scientist with asthma who intends to contaminate the city’s air supply with a chemical. Only Darcy, dressed as a superhero, can stop him with the aid of Argyle, a small-time burglar and a pretty awesome automobile.

Eva Rossovich has two children with her husband

Eva Rossovich and her husband produced two children: a son, Roy Rossovich, born in 1986, and Isabel Rossovich, born in 1991. Roy and Isabel have both chosen professions outside of acting and public display. Nevertheless, the Rossovich family is kind and accepting of one another’s decisions. Rossovich and his wife don’t have any more kids save these two. Additionally, they maintain positive bonds with their family and friends. The Rossovich kids have avoided the spotlight for reasons unknown.

Frederic Enrico Rossovich: Eva Rossovich’s husband

Eva Rossovich married American actor Frederic Enrico Rossovich, born on August 28, 1957, in Palo Alto, California. Frederic Enrico Rossovich spent his childhood in Grass Valley, California, and finally graduated from Nevada Union High School. His brother Tim was an actor and a former professional football player. He went to Sacramento State University for college. During his late teens and early twenties, he competed in bodybuilding.

Eva’s husband, Enrico Rossovich, is of Croatian and Italian descent; his father’s family is from Istria, Croatia, while his mother is from the Tuscany area of Italy. The Croatian seaside village of Monika Draga, where the surname Rossovich was initially discovered, is where his great-grandfather left for the United States.

Enrico started acting in the early 1980s and shot to fame in 1986’s Top Gun when he played Ron “Slider” Kerner. The romantic comedy Roxanne (1987), the science fiction film The Terminator (1984), the thriller The Lords of Discipline (1983), the thriller Paint It Black (1989), the military action movie Navy SEALs (1990), and the Disney Channel Original Movie Miracle in Lane 2 (2002) are just a few of Enrico Rossovich’s other motion pictures.

In addition, Rossovich is well known for playing the title character in the television series Pacific Blue, which has been compared to “Baywatch on Bikes” and aired on the USA Network for five seasons from March 1996 to April 2000. The show was also well-liked worldwide. In addition, he played Spud Lincoln in the CBS television series Sons and Daughters (1991) and Dr. John Taglieri in the first season of the series E.R.