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Carlene Olson: Inside The Life of Michael Biehn’s Ex-wife

Carlene Olson is an American actress who rose to prominence through her marriage to Michael Biehn, a fellow American actor who has become popular through his many roles in numerous science fiction movies and series. Carlene’s ex-husband, Michael Biehn, is known for films like The Terminator(1984), Aliens(1986), The Abyss(1989), Tombstone(1993), and other blockbusters. How old… Read More »

Frankie Dee Brown: Who is Ruby Dee’s Ex-husband?

Who is Frankie Dee Brown? Frankie Dee Brown is an American performer born on August 31, 1916, in Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma. He was a significant figure in the life of the renowned actress Ruby Dee as her husband. Ruby Ann Wallace, the future Ruby Dee, married Frankie Dee Brown in 1941. They were married in… Read More »

Meghan Wollard: Facts About Corey Cott’s Wife

Meghan Wollard is the wife of Corey Cott. Meghan’s husband, Corey Cott, is an American actor and singer who has had an active career in acting and singing since the year 212. He started his career while still a university student at Carnegie Mellon University. Meghan Wollard has been together with Corey from the start… Read More »

Joan Drummond McGoohan: Patrick McGoohan’s Wife

Who was Joan Drummond? Joan Drummond McGoohan is an Irish actress born in 1930. She is well known for her work in the entertainment industry and for being the wife of Patrick Joseph McGoohan, the acclaimed Irish-American actor, writer, and director. Joan and Patrick got married on May 19 of 1951, between a rehearsal and… Read More »

Amy Lonkar: Inside The Life of Kevin Rahm’s Wife

Who is Kevin Rahm’s wife? Amy Lonkar is a cardiothoracic surgeon famous for being the wife of well-known actor Kevin Rahm, the talented actor most recognized for his parts in “Desperate Housewives” and “Mad Men.” On April 28, 2012, the couple wed in a ceremony at a Burbank set. Their “country chic” wedding decor included… Read More »

Brenda Holsinger: Who was Norman Schwarzkopf married to?

Who is Brenda Holsinger? Brenda Holsinger is an American flight attendant, well known for being the late wife of US Army General Herbert Schwarzkopf. The couple met after Herbert Schwarzkopf returned from his teaching tenure at West Point as an associate professor in the Department of Mechanics. He enrolled in and graduated from the Army’s… Read More »

Janet Michaels: George Brent’s Third Wife

Who was Janet Michaels? Janet Michaels is famously known as the late and third wife of Irish-American actor George Brent, with whom she shared a life that spanned 26 years before her passing, leaving behind her spouse and two children. She was the only spouse of George Brent he ever had children with. Janet Michaels… Read More »