Georgia Stiny: The Story Of John Ratzenberger’s Ex-wife

Georgia Stiny: The Story Of John Ratzenberger's Ex-wife

Who is Georgia Stiny?

Georgia Stiny was the wife of famous American actor John Ratzenberger. The couple got married in the year 1984, and the marriage lasted for about 19 years before things ended, which was in the year 2004. Unfortunately, the media has not been able to capture personal details of Georgia Stiny, such as her date of birth, place of birth and others.

However, Georgia Stiny and John Ratzenberger, during their marriage, gave birth to two children. Only a little information is known regarding Georgia’s personal life as she was not particularly famous but, instead, her ex-husband. 

There has yet to be any information regarding her career available to the public. It is, therefore, still being determined what she did for a living. It is assumed Georgia preferred to keep her life away from the media. However, since her spouse, John Ratzenberger, worked in the movie industry, there is a possibility Georgia’s career revolves around that. 

Georgia Stiny had two children with John Ratzenberger

Georgia Stiny and John Ratzenberger, during their time of marriage, gave birth to two children, a son and a daughter. They named their son James John and daughter Nina Kathrine. According to Sources, James John Ratzenberger was born in 1987, while Nina Kathrine Ratzenberger was born two years later, after her brother. Only a little information is known about the lives of Georgia Stiny’s children besides these details.

The Marriage Between Georgia and John Ratzenberger

Georgia Stiny’s ex-husband, American actor John Dezso Ratzenberger, was born on April 6, 1947. Easter Sunday, April 6, 1947, saw the birth of John Dezso Ratzenberger in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He was the son of WWII veteran Dezső Alexander Ratzenberger, who had served as a combat engineer in the Philippines, and Bertha Veronica (née Grochowski). 

John’s mother was Polish, and his father, Dezso, was of Hungarian and Austrian background. Ratzenberger went to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut, after attending St. Ann’s School in Bridgeport. Ratzenberger operated heavy machinery and assisted in setting up the stage for the 1969 Woodstock Festival. In 1971, John relocated to London, where he started his career as an actor, writer, and director.

His most well-known role was that of Cliff Clavin in the comedy series Cheers, for which he was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards. The same creators of Wings also produced an episode of the short-lived spin-off The Tortellis in which Ratzenberger appeared. In the feature films produced by Pixar Animation Studios, he has provided the voices of several characters, such as Mack in the Cars trilogy, The Underminer in the Incredibles movie, Hamm in the Toy Story franchise, and many more.

In the 1970s, Ratzenberger started his career in entertainment while residing in London. Before going back to America in the early 1980s, he performed in and wrote for films and television shows during the 1970s. Ratzenberger came up with the idea for Cliff Clavin during a comedy audition. Cheers (1982–1993) ran for 11 years and was successful. 

Following Cheers, Ratzenberger started doing voice work for Pixar. He portrayed Hamm in the company’s debut feature film, Toy Story (1995), and he continued to voice additional Pixar characters in all of the company’s motion pictures and computer games until 2020.

Georgia Stiny’s ex-husband, John Ratzenberger, spent ten years in London. He has resided in Vashon, Washington, since 1994. Before divorcing in 2004, Ratzenberger and Georgia Stiny had two children together over 20 years of marriage, which began in 1984. In November 2012, he then wed Julie Blichfeldt.

Georgia Stiny’s ex-husband, John Ratzenberger, created a safe substitute for foam peanuts and plastic bubble wrap: a product composed of recycled paper that is both biodegradable and non-toxic. Ratzenberger co-founded Eco-Pak Industries, the firm that produced SizzlePak, back in 1989. He sold Eco-Pack to Ranpak Corp. in 1992.