Erica Iahn: Who is Rhett Miller’s Wife?

By | November 4, 2023
Erica Iahn: Who is Rhett Miller's Wife?

Who is Erica Iahn?

Erica Iahn is a former American model famous for being the wife of well-known American lead singer and writer Rhett Miller. Rhett Miller wed former model Erica Iahn in 2002, just one week after the production of The Investigator, a movie, was finished. The couple gave birth to a child called Max. The discovery of Erica Icahn’s pregnancy was during a promotion tour by Rhett Miller and Tori Amos for their album.

 In March 2006, Soleil, their daughter, was also born. Only a little information is known regarding Louise Longmore’s personal life as she was not particularly famous herself, but rather, her ex-husband, of which her marriage lasted just a few years. However, Erica Iahn, as a model, can be described as a beautiful lady of 5’9 ft, with silky blonde hair and magnificent blue eyes; a true beauty to behold.

Erica Iahn had a successful modeling career

Erica Iahn was a former model, as mentioned earlier. According to sources, she has modeled for Heffner Management, a Seattle, Washington-based fashion agency. The agency, established in 2004, represents some of the most sought-after models in the business. Heffner Management offers a variety of services to its clients, such as model discovery, development, and placement with international agencies. Besides this, no other record of Erica Iahn’s career choice is known.

Erica had two children with Rhett Miller

Erica Iahn and Rhett Iahn gave birth to two children. A son named Max and a daughter named Soleil, born in the spring of 2006. Not a lot of information regarding the lives of the couple’s children is known to the public, most probably because the couple prefers their lives to stay away from the reach of the public spotlight,

Eric Iahn’s former husband was the lead vocalist for Stewart Ransom

Erica Iahn was formerly married to the main vocalist of the country rock group Old 97’s, Stewart Ransom “Rhett” Miller II, born in September 1970. He has published both fiction and non-fiction works, and he records and performs as a solo musician. Austin, Texas, is the birthplace of Miller, a seventh-generation Texan. When Miller was seventeen years old, his parents got divorced. Miller has a younger brother and sister and is the eldest of three children. 

Giles E. Miller, Rhett’s paternal grandpa, was a young, wealthy scion of a prosperous textile family who bought the Dallas Texans, the first NFL football franchise in the South, in 1952. The last NFL team to file for bankruptcy was the Texans, who disbanded after seven games.

Erica Iahn’s ex-husband, Rhett Miller, attended Armstrong Elementary School in Highland Park, Texas, where his family resided. Miller had a severe inner ear issue in fourth grade, which sent him to the hospital for several months. He started attending the private boys’ school in North Dallas called St. Mark’s School of Texas in the sixth grade.

At twelve years old, he began taking guitar lessons, and at thirteen, he started creating songs. Miller has stated that he had an adamant time at St. Mark’s, where he experienced bullying and exclusion. This led to despair, whereby he attempted suicide at the age of 14. Miller performed at his debut engagement at 500 Cafe in downtown Dallas in April of the following year, 1985. 

Erica Iahn’s ex-husband Rhett Miller performed in bands during his high school years, eventually turning into a local folk musician who headlined small venues and opened for national touring acts like Rosanne Cash, Chris Isaak, and The Lords of the New Church.

Erica Iahn’s former husband, Rhett Miller, edited St. Mark’s literary journal while still in high school and contributed poems to The Rag, a rival academic publication. Miller received his diploma from St. Mark’s School of Texas in 1989. After receiving a creative writing scholarship to Sarah Lawrence College for a short time, he chose to return to Texas to pursue a music career.

Rhett Miller explained that he received the nickname “Rhett” because the actor from the movie Gone with the Wind, actor Rhett Butler, was a favorite of his mother’s. Miller relocated to Los Angeles from Dallas in 1997. He relocated to New York City in 2000. Three streets south of the World Trade Center, Miller and his then-fiance were at home on 9/11. He shared diary writing on their encounter that was included in the September 2011 issue of The Atlantic. Miller presently resides in the Hudson Valley of New York.

When Rhett Miller was on tour with Tori Amos to promote the record in 2002, Erica Iahn became pregnant with their first child, Max, and in March 2006, Soleil, their daughter, was born.