Karla Rhamdani: Facts About Joe Elliott’s First Wife

Karla Rhamdani: Facts About Joe Elliot's First Wife

Karla Rhamdani is a former Irish model, who is much known for her marriage to Def Leppard’s lead singer, Joe Elliott. Karla’s ex-husband, Joe Elliott, is a British songwriter and singer, who is one of the founding members of Def Leppard. He has been active in his music career since 1975 to date.

This article seeks to throw more light on the life of Karla Rhamdani, who was the first wife to the lead singer, Joe Elliott. Keep reading to be informed.

Karla Rhamdani was born in Ireland

Joe Elliott’s first wife, Karla, was born in Dublin, Ireland, on June 22, 1964. As of 2023, she was 59 years old. She holds an Irish passport and belongs to the white. She has successfully been able to hide her personal life away from the public. Information like who her parents are, and other data are all yet to be revealed to the public.

As someone who was born and raised in Dublin, it is possible she had her education. Her ex-husband, Joe Elliott, was born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. He attended King Edward VII School, where he met people who ignited his love for music. His first-ever band was formed in that school, and one of the founding members was Pete Willis.

Karla Rhamdani studied acting but ended up being a model

According to FamousFix, Karla Rhamdani studied acting at the Gaiety School of Acting. Though she is known to have studied acting, there is not a single movie she is credited to have featured in. After she completed her studies at the Gaiety School, she signed a three-year contract with William Morris, a talent agency in London. With the help of this contract, Karla was able to pursue a successful career in modeling.

She worked with top brands of that time in countries like Ireland, Paris, and Germany. Karla became a well-known model and was able to amass a lot of wealth and influence for herself.

Karla Rhamdani put her modeling career on hold when she married Joe Elliot. The reason for that decision was for her to be able to keep up with the tight touring schedule of the Deff Leppard singer and his band. According to some sources, Karla was the brain behind the iconic shredded pants that Joe Elliot is usually seen wearing.

Despite the success Karla was able to attain, she got to a point in her life where she had to sell all her belongings to be able to fend for herself and her children. Much information will be revealed on this later in the article.

Joe Elliott and Karla Rhamdani first met in a nightclub

The love story between the former model, Karla Rhamdani, and songwriter/singer, Joe Elliot first started in a Dublin nightclub in 1982. They started dating a few months after their first meeting and were soon inseparable. They were seen together all at various events and shows.

In 1989, seven years after they started dating, Joe and Karla tied the knot in a magnificent wedding ceremony, attended by both friends and loved ones of the couple. A few months after the wedding, Karla Rhamdani quit her modeling career to move in with her ex-husband, Joe Elliott in the mountainous regions of Dublin.

Karla’s marriage to Joe was a beautiful one until things began to go astray after seven. Both former love birds shared a different story on why they divorced, but the actual reason has not been disclosed to the public yet.  “Getting divorced is hurtful and I hope it doesn’t make myself and Karla bitter.”, Joe said after the divorce.

The couple never had any children in their seven years of being married. After the divorce, Karla has not had any success in the game of love. She has been in a couple of failed relationships and engagements. The list of men Karla has been romantically involved with after Joe Elliott includes Dave Walsh, Declan Burke, Conrad Gallagher, etc.

Joe Elliott married his second wife, Kristine Wunschel in September 2004. They have been together to date, and have three children together. Their first child, Finlay Elliott, was born in December 2009. The second child, Lyla Elliot, was born in July 2016. The last of the three children, Harper Elliot, was also born in February 2020.

Karla Rhamdani became broke a few years after her divorce from Joe Elliott

Karla Rhamdani bought a company named Sanas after her divorce from Joe. The company was into beauty, health, and detox products. It was formerly owned by Betty Cosgrave. It was reported that, in 2008, Karla had to close down the business because she was in a financial crises.

She sold all her personal belongings to be able to fend for herself. Karla fell from a life of constant partying and flying private jets to surviving on a single-parent allowance. In an interview with Daily Mail UK, she disclosed how difficult her life is at the moment.

‘I’m on Lone Parents allowance. It’s not much. It certainly helps. I’m very grateful for anything. I’ve never had to ask for help ever in my life,’ Karla revealed in the Interview.