Lourdes Salomone: Who was Mark Knopfler’s second wife?

By | May 24, 2023
Lourdes Salomone: Who was Mark Knopfler's second wife?

Who is Lourdes Salmone?

Lourdes Salomone is popularly known for being the former wife of Mark Knopfler, a Scottish singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer, and film score composer. The two got married in November 1983 but divorced in 1993. Lourdes Salomone and her ex-husband Mark Knopfler gave birth to two children, twins namely; Benjamin and Joseph Knopfler, who was born in 1987.  There is not much personal information about Lourdes, but just famously known as one of the wives of Mark Knopfler.

Lourdes and her ex-husband, Mark Knopfler, had twins together.

Lourdes Salomone and Mark Knopfler gave birth to twins, both boys, in 1987, four years after the couple married. They were named Benjamin (Benji) and Joseph. Not many details are available regarding the lives of Lourdes Salomone’s children. These are the only children known to be of Lourdes. After her divorce from Mark Knopfler in 1993, Mark married again and had other children.

Lourdes’s ex-husband Mark has been married three times, the first to Kathy White, his long-time high school lover. They split up before Knopfler traveled to London in 1973 to join Brewers Droop. Then he met and married his second wife, Lourdes Salomone, in November 1983. The marriage resulted in twin sons born in 1987.

Their marriage was annulled in 1993 for reasons not disclosed to the public. Her ex-husband married British actress and writer Kitty Aldridge, whom he had known for three years, on Valentine’s Day 1997 in Barbados. Mark Knopfler and Aldridge have two children, actress Isabella “Issy” and Katya Ruby Rose.

Lourdes Salomone’s ex-husband, Mark Knopfler

Lourdes Salomone’s ex-husband Mark Freuder Knopfler is a British singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer. He was the lead guitarist, vocalist, and composer for the rock band Dire Straits. He was born in Scotland and reared in England. After the band dissolved in 1988, he started a solo career. Dire Straits reformed in 1990 but split up again in 1995. He is presently a self-employed solo artist.

Her ex-husband was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 12, 1949, to an English mother, Louisa Mary (née Laidler), and a Hungarian Jewish father, Erwin Knopfler. His mother was a teacher, while his father was an architect and chess player who fled Nazi Hungary in 1939. Later, Knopfler described his father as a Marxist agnostic.

In 1968, Lourdes Salomone’s ex-husband Knopfler was employed as a junior reporter for the Yorkshire Evening Post in Leeds after studying journalism for a year at Harlow College. During this time, he met Steve Phillips, a local furniture restorer, country blues lover, and part-time musician a year his elder, through whose record collection and guitar approach Knopfler learned a lot about early blues performers and their styles. The two created “The Duolian String Pickers,” a folk and acoustic blues duet that played in local folk and acoustic blues venues. Two years later, Knopfler opted to complete his study and graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in English.

Knopfler is left-handed but plays the guitar right-handed. He was unrivaled as a craftsman and virtuoso, capable of plugging into rock’s historical ancestry and twisting it into sometimes crazy shapes. He also composed fantastic songs: tight mini-dramas with dark depths and brilliant melodic and lyrical flourishes.” Knopfler is also well-known for primarily playing fingerstyle, which he attributes to Chet Atkins.

The ex-husband of Lourdes Salomone is also known to be a Newcastle United F.C. supporter. Newcastle United uses “Going Home (Theme of the Local Hero)” as their home anthem. Knopfler also owns a collection of historic vehicles, including a Maserati 300S and an Austin-Healey 100S, which he races and exhibits at events.

In the Sunday Times Rich List of 2018, Knopfler was projected to have a worth of £75 million, making him one of the 40 wealthiest people in the British music business.

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