Margot Merrill, Bette Davis’ Daughter : 5 Facts You Need To Know

By | February 22, 2023

Margot Merrill is a celebrity child and the daughter of Bette Davis. Margot Merrill’s mother, Bette, was an American actress with an impressive career span of over fifty years and more. She was widely known for her multi-diverse character role in most of her movies.

Margot was not always in the news like the other children of her mother. There is not much information on her available on her. Here are five facts you need to know about her :

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1. Margot Merrill was not the biological daughter of Bette Davis


Though Margot is known widely as the daughter of Bette Davis, she is not the biological child of the screen goddess. She was adopted during the fourth marriage of Bette. She was adopted when she was only five days old. The adoption was an agreement between Bette and her then-husband, Gary Merril.

Margot Merrill was born on January 6, 1951. Her biological parents were never disclosed to the general public. She was named after Margo Channing, a character her mother, Bette, played in a 1950 movie. Her adoption made her the youngest daughter of Bette.

Margot is not the only child that Bette Davis adopted. Bette is known to have not had any biological child; all her children, including Margot, were adopted.

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Margot Merrill was diagnosed with brain damage at age 3

Growing up, Margot was known to be a happy child. Unfortunately, at age three, she was diagnosed with brain damage. Doctors’ reports revealed that the damage had occurred a few moments after her birth. This caused her to have many growth disabilities.

At first, her mother, Bette Davis, wanted to take care of her alone, but taking care of her became very difficult. She was then taken to a care facility in Geneva, New York, called Lochland School. Margot spent most of her lifetime in the school.

The decision to take her to Lochland School was difficult for her mother, Bette. In an interview, her mother revealed, “The most difficult day of my life was the day I was dressing Margot, three years old, in a sailor suit and a sailor hat [and told her] about the lovely school she was going to.”

She did not have a good relationship with her mother, Bette

Because Margo Merrill did not spend most of her life with her mother, the two could not have a proper relationship. The relationship between them was very sour. Margo accused her mother of treating her with indifference whiles she was growing up.

Since Margo could not settle the difference between herself and her mother, she was written out of her own will. Her mother had an estate with an estimated worth of $1 million.

Margot was not the only child; Bette was omitted from her final will. She also omitted the name of her first adopted child, Barbara Davis Sherry, from her will. Barbara also did not have a good relationship with Bette. She had at one point accused Bette of practicing witchcraft and abusing her as a child.

The only one left in Bette Davis’s will was her second adopted son, Michael Merrill. She willed all her inheritance to Michael. Michael later came out to defend her mother against all the accusations her sisters, Barbara and Margot, had made against their mother. He seems to have had a good relationship with her mother.

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Margot Merrill died in May 2022

In May 2022, the death of Margot Merrill was announced. She passed away at age 71. At the time of her death, she was taken care of by a care home named Care Dimensions.

Though she had growth disabilities, she was known to be a special person. She had a good sense of humor. She is also said to have a good relationship with all her caregivers. They all were sad when she passed away.

According to her profile on, her brother Michael, who inherited their mother’s properties, never left her. He was always around to render help to her. It was also revealed that he loved her sister very much.

Margot Merrill was a breast cancer survivor

Margot had a very tough life. She had to live with growth disabilities after being diagnosed with brain damage at age three. Later in her life, she was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Again, she was able to conquer and defeat the disease.

Her life is worth celebrating. Though she did not have a good start in life, she could win against all odds to become a woman celebrated by all who knew her when she was alive. Though many women lost the battle against breast cancer, Margot Merrill won the fight.

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