Kellie Kyle, Lane Frost Widow : 5 Facts You Need To Know

By | February 21, 2023

Kellie Kyle was the wife and now the widow of Lane Frost. Kellie Kyle’s late husband, Lane, was a professional rodeo cowboy from the United States of America. Before his untimely death, he held the title of 1987 PRCA World Champion bull rider and was also a Proredeo Hall of Fame inductee.

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Here are five facts about woman Lane was married to before his death:

1. Kellie was married to Lane Frost for five years before his death

Kellie Kyle and Lane Frost were married for five. The two former lovers met at a National High School Rodeo competition in 1980, where Lane participated. They fell in love and started dating. According to a writeup on Lane’s Instagram page, it was made known that Kellie was one of the two people he met at the games who became important figures in his life.

It was at the same event that Lane met Tuff Hedemann. Tuff is a former professional rodeo cowboy, a four-time World Champion, and a Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame bull rider. He was present at the event where Lane died.

Kellie and Lane got married on January 5, 1985. The wedding ceremony took place at the Methodist Church in Quanah, Texas. They had the reception at the same place. The family and well-wishers of the couple graced the ceremony.

At the time of their marriage, they were both 20 years old. They lived together as a young couple until the demise of Lane Frost. Their five years union did not produce any children.

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2. Kellie’s late husband died of internal bleeding

During one of his cowboy riding competitions, Lane Frost, Kellie Kyle’s former husband, died of internal bleeding. The incident took place in Cheyenne, the most populous city in the state of Wyoming.

After Lane had finished an impressive 85-point run during his turn, he accidentally fell off his cow. His bull turned and hit him from behind. This broke several of Lane’s rib bones. He tried to run but fell. The fall caused some broken bones to puncture his heart and other vital organs.

Lane was then taken to the hospital, where he announced the dead on arrival. The doctors declared that he died of internal bleeding and a heart puncture. According to his Wikipedia profile, no autopsy was conducted on him.

He died at age 25, and his grave was made close to his childhood hero, Freckles Brown. The funeral ceremony for Lane was conducted in his church, First Baptist Church, Atoka, Oklahoma.

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3. She is now married to Mike Macy

After mourning her late husband for a while, Kellie Kyle decides to move on and find love again. She got married to a man named Mike Macy. Mike is known to be a team roper. Kellie seems to have a special interest in men related to cow riding. Mike is known to have competed in team roping twice at the National Final Rodeo in Las Vegas.

The two got married in 1993 in a very private ceremony. Few family and friends of the couple were allowed to attend.

Kellie and her new husband, Mike, have been married for over thirty years; the couple has been blessed with two children. Their two children are actively involved in rodeo games.

The first of the couple, 29 years-old Aaron Macy, has won many rodeo awards since high school. He is on his way to compete in major rodeo competitions. The second child, Brogan Macy, has also won in different events. Brogan is 25 years old now.

Kellie Frost and her family currently reside in Texas.

4. Kellie was born and raised in Texas, United States.

Kellie Kyle, now Kellie Macy, was born in Texas due to his marriage to Mike Macy. She was born in 1965; the exact date is unknown. She is currently 58 years old. She is the daughter of a man named Ted Kyle, who is currently 87 years old.

There is no information on who her mother was, but we know both parents were natives of Texas. Kellie grew up in Texas, where she had high school and higher level education.

A movie was made in memory of Kellie Kyle’s late husband, Lane Frost.

In 1994, a drama/romance movie was released to honor the memory of Kellie’s late husband, Lane Frost. The movie, which John G. Avildsen directed, threw more light on the career and personal life of Lane Frost.

The movie was titled 8 Seconds. It was written by Monte Merrick, who, after deliberate interviews and consultation with people who knew Lane, put together a script for the movie.

Actor Luke Perry played the role of Kellie Kyle’s late husband, Lane Frost, while Cynthia Geary played Kellie Frost in the movie. Other actors and actresses also played major roles of various people in Lane’s life. The movie was released on February 25, 1994, with a runtime of 105 minutes.

In October 2021, a new documentary was announced, “Lane: Life, Legend, Legacy.” The documentary was said to tell the full story of how Kellie’s late husband started his career, won many titles, and how eventually lost his life.

The full video of the documentary was never released, though a two-minute trailer was released. We are still waiting for the full video.

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