Marta Curro: Facts About Jerry Orbach’s First Wife

Marta Curro: Facts About Jerry Orbach's First Wife

Marta Curro was a woman who rose to fame for her marriage to Jerry Orbach, an American actor and singer. Marta’s late husband, Jerry Orbach, was regarded at the time of his demise as one of the biggest Broadway and off-Broadway actors to gain global relevance. He married twice in his lifetime, and Marta was the first of the two women he ever married.

Below are all the facts we could get on Marta :

Marta Curro passed away at age 79

Marta Curro was born with the birth name Martha Mingoya “Marta” Curro on June 1. 1933. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She was a Mexican citizen. She was the daughter of Anthony J. Curro and Evelyn Rose Malone Curro, both of blessed memory. She had a half-sister from her father’s previous marriage, Nancy Marietta Curro Zembriuski.

Marta passed away on September 6, 2012, at age 79. She died in New York County, Manhattan, United States. She died of bladder cancer, a condition she fought for a long time without success. She was preceded in death by her parents and her former husband, Jerry, who also died of prostate cancer.

She had her childhood mostly in her birth country, Mexico, but moved to the United States in her teens to look for greener pastures.

She was an actress and singer by profession. She played roles in many Broadway shows and participated in musical operas. After divorcing Jerry, Marta also spent most of her time volunteering for a Breast Cancer Awareness Centre in New York City.

Marta Curro and Jerry Orbach met at one of the Broadway Opera show.

The love story of Marta Curro and Jerry Orbach began during a Broadway show. As revealed in the paragraphs above, both lovers worked with Broadway. They first met during one of the shows where they were both involved, according to

They started dating a few months after their first meeting and got together officially as husband and wife on June 21, 1958. The couple remained married for seventeen years until they divorced in 1975 for undisclosed reasons.

Marta Curro and her former husband, Jerry Orbach, had two children. The children are Anthony Nicholas and Christopher Benjamin. Anthony has grown up to become a construction manager and also a well-known cross-puzzle constructor. He has constructed over 25 cross puzzles for the New York Times. On the other hand, Christopher took after his father’s career path; he is an actor and singer. He is known to have appeared in the Special Victims Unit debut season.

Marta remained single after her divorce from Jerry, but the latter went on to get married for the second time. Jerry married again to a lady he met in Chicago during one of his movie shoots. The woman was called Elaine Cancilla, an American actress and singer. The two got married in 1978 and remained married until the demise of Jerry in December 2004. They did not have any children together.

Marta’s children with Jerry Orbach did not receive any inheritance from their father.

Jerry Orbach died in December 2004 after a long battle with prostate cancer. At the time of his death, he had divorced Marta Curro and was living with his second wife, Elaine Cancilla, with whom he had no children.

It was discovered later, after the inheritance will of Jerry was read, that he left nothing for his two children. He had left all his estates and money to his wife, Elaine. At the time of Jerry’s death, he was estimated to have a net worth of over $ 10 million and a lot of assets, including estates.

Marta’s children, Anthony and Christopher, were furious with the news of their father leaving them with nothing. They accused their stepmother, Elaine, of foul play and called her names.

The family also discovered that Jerry had told his wife to donate his eyes after his death. He made this decision with his wife, and his wish was granted. An article on revealed that he had also wanted to donate his kidney and lungs, but he thought those might be damaged due to his excessive drinking and smoking habits.