Meghan Wollard: Facts About Corey Cott’s Wife

By | December 17, 2023
Meghan Wollard: Facts About Corey Cott's Wife

Meghan Wollard is the wife of Corey Cott. Meghan’s husband, Corey Cott, is an American actor and singer who has had an active career in acting and singing since the year 212. He started his career while still a university student at Carnegie Mellon University. Meghan Wollard has been together with Corey from the start of his career to date, and they seem to have a beautiful marriage life, judging from their social media appearances.

How old is Meghan Wollard?

Meghan Wollard is a 36-year-old lady. She was born in West Virginia, the 10th smallest state in the United States of America, in October 1987, making her three years older than Corey. Meghan was born into a native West Virginia family, where her father, whose name is unknown, is a retired engineer, and her mother is a homemaker. Corey Cott’s wife, Meghan, has a brother named Travis Wollard, who she grew up with in West Virginia. Travis is a gospel musician and resides in Florida.

Meghan Wollard, an American citizen, attended the prestigious West Virginia University. She studied computer Science and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2009, two years before she married her husband, Corey Cott. According to sources, Meghan has worked in some renowned Tech companies, including IBM and Accenture.

In an interview, Corey Cott said that one of his greatest joys about his marriage to Meghan Wollard is that she is not an actress. “She’s not an actress, which is my favorite part about our relationship… I can just come home and hang out, and we don’t have to talk about acting. It’s nice to let that be where it is during the day and then be normal people with each other”.

Meghan Wollard’s marriage to Corey Cott

One of the most essential areas of Meghan’s life is her marriage to Corey Cott. Though she has worked with some prestigious tech companies after her university education, none of those made her famous as her marriage to the actor.

Meghan Wollard and her husband, Corey Cott, met at a church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 2010. They were both singers in the church, whose name is yet to be disclosed. They were both university students at the time, Meghan at West Virginia University and Corey at Carnegie Mellon University.

The couple started dating two years after their first meeting in 2012. A few months after they started dating, Corey proposed to Meghan in front of his parents and a few classmates while singing “When You Say You Love Me” by Josh Groban. Meghan Wollard accepted the proposal with a happy face.

On January 5, 2013, they got married in the presence of their family and friends. The event took place in the Omni Willian Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh. It was a winter season when the union took place. Both couples were dressed in graceful attires, which attracted the attention and admiration of the guests at the event.

Meghan Wollard and Corey Cott have been together as a couple for ten years now. Their union has produced three sons. Their first son, Elliot Michael, was born on May 1, 2017. The second son, Nolan Corey, was born in August 2019. Asher Corey, the last son, was also born on October 21, 2021.

Most beautiful events in the couple’s family life are posted on social media. Events like wedding anniversaries, pregnancy, and childbirths are all announced on the couple’s social media. Meghan is known to be a supportive partner to Corey. She is mainly seen with the Jesus Christ Superstar actor at various outdoor events.

Meghan Wollard’s Husband, Corey Cott

Meghan’s husband, Corey Cott, was born in Columbus, Mississippi, in the United States of America. Corey is the oldest of three brothers and is the elder brother of American actor Casey Cott, who is widely known for his role in Riverdale as Kevin Keller.

Corey’s father, Rick Corey, was a former flight pilot and investment manager, while nothing is known about his mother, Lori Cott. He grew up between Michigan and Florida. He had his High School education at Chagrin Falls High School and later at Carnegie Mellow University for his Bachelor’s degree in Drama.

His acting career began while he was a student. Corey started by booking shows with a theatre company. During those times, he played roles in productions like Jekyll and HydeMiss Saigon, and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Later, after graduation, Corey Cott moved to New York for more prominent roles. His first more significant role was as Jack Kelly in a Broadway musical, Newbies. According to his Wikipedia page, he got the role permanently in September 2015. Ever since, Corey has featured in a lot of production works.