Michelle Dilgard: Facts About Martin Klebba’s Wife

By | January 22, 2024
Michelle Dilgard: Facts About Martin Klebba's Wife

Who is Michelle Dilgard?

Michelle Dilgard is well known as the wife of American stuntman and actor Martin Klebba. Michelle Dilgard was born on August 17, in Tennessee, USA and currently has a profession as a teacher. She comes from a family that includes her parents, sister Kylie Dilgard Carpri, and a late grandfather with whom she shared a strong bond. Michelle Dilgard and Martin Klebba married in a secret ceremony on June 18, 2011, and have been blissfully married for several years.

Michelle Dilgard and Martin Klebba initially came into contact in 2007 through a mutual friend. On June 28, 2011, they were married. Two girls, Alec Klebba and Makenzie Klebba, are the fruit of their relationship. The pair is unaffected by remarks about their noticeable height difference and has a happy family life. Although Michelle Dilgard has not revealed her net worth to the public, her husband, Martin Klebba, is thought to be around $7 million. Martin’s lucrative profession as an actor and stuntman, with prominent parts in the famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean and other projects, is mainly responsible for his fortune.

The duo engages in philanthropic activities in addition to their careers. The Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy is a nonprofit organization founded by Martin Klebba, who, with help from his wife Michelle, generates money to help those who are dwarfed.

Michelle Dilgard is a professional teacher

As mentioned earlier, Michelle Dilgard is a teacher but once worked as a veterinary technician before shifting to teaching. The level of education she teaches is unknown; however, Michelle completed her studies at Maryville High School, where she earned a high school degree in 2003. She then enrolled at Tennessee Technological University, majored in Education-Secondary Science and graduated in 2007.

She holds teaching certificates from California and Michigan, reflecting her pledge to education. In addition to being a teacher, Michelle is a businesswoman and the creator of Moviestarbling, an online store that sells jewellery and accessories for paparazzi. Her varied career pursuits demonstrate how diligent she is.

Michelle Dilgard has two children with Martin Klebba

Michelle Dilgard and Martin Klebba married and have given birth to two children. Alec Klebba, their first child, was born in 2005, and Makenzie Klebba, their second child, was born in 2012. Alec and Makenzie have greatly enhanced the couple’s lives, and Martin especially likes to spend time with his son Alec, especially when they play video games. Not many details are known to the public, and therefore, not much is known about the lives of Alec and Makenzie. It is most likely that their parents are childing from the effects of the media spotlight.

Everything About Michelle’s husband

Michelle Dilgard married American actor and stunt performer Martin Klebba, born on June 23, 1969, in Troy, Michigan. Standing at 4 feet 1 inch (1.24 meters), he suffers from acromicric dysplasia, a kind of dwarfism. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is where Klebba is most recognized for portraying Marty. Martin Klebba attended Athens High School before earning her diploma. Martin Klebba is the founder of the Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy, a nonprofit organization that donates all of its proceeds to the support of small people.

Michelle Dilgard’s husband, Martin Klebba, often referred to as “Marty the Midget” on The Howard Stern Show, has a diverse background in cinema and television. He rose to fame in movies as the dwarf pirate Marty from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and he continued to play a significant part in the series’ other extras. Michelle Dilgard’s husband Martin Klebba’s resume also included appearances in low-budget horror/comedies such as Feast II and Feast III, as well as Cradle 2 the Grave and All’s Faire in Love. His long list of stunt credits includes roles even in Jurassic World and Hancock, the movie we all loved.

Regarding television, Klebba had a lead part in Snow White: The Fairest of Them All, as well as cameo appearances in iCarly, Drake & Josh, Knee High P.I., and Charmed. Notably, he appeared in Bones, CSI: N.Y., Pair of Kings, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Scrubs in addition to his regular roles in those shows. Michelle Dilgard’s husband Martin Klebba’s life as a little person was highlighted on Little People, Big World. He also shared insights into his marriage to an average-sized woman on VH-1’s I’m Married to a… program. He appeared in two episodes of Mirror Mirror in 2012 and was a series regular in The Cape in 2011. Klebba has demonstrated his adaptability and commitment to cinema and T.V. throughout his career.