Pam Hurn: Who was Ed McMahon’s Third Wife?

Pam Hurn: Who was Ed McMahon's Third Wife?

Pam Hurn was the third and last wife of Ed McMahon, a multi-functional American personality who married three times in his lifetime. Pam’s late husband, Ed McMahon, was into game show hosting, comedy, acting, singing, and combat aviation. His career was active from 1957 till his demise in 2009.

Who was Pam Hurn?

Pam Hurn was born in January 1954. She was born in Rockford, Illinois, United States of America. She is 69 years old now. Her nationality is American, and she belongs to the white ethnicity.

She was born to a father who worked in a coal factory in Kentucky, and a mother named Violet Hurn. She spent most of her childhood in Kentucky with both her parents, where she had her basic and other higher-level education.

Pam described her life from childhood to adulthood as a roller coaster, due to the numerous phases of life she went through. As a little girl in her early forties, she used to be obsessed, something that was normal in her family. The average weight in her family was 190 lbs., therefore her weight at the time was above 190 lbs, and was not a worry for her parent.

She started dieting at the early age of nine but was not able to achieve her desired body weight. This got her tagged as ”Fat Girl” most of her life. She blamed her weight gain on sugar and other bad eating choices.

Pam Hurn said: ”Shocking, I know!  I still can’t believe it myself.  It is a beautiful, calm, relaxed place to ‘find’ yourself ..but Kentucky is the home of Crisco, sugar, bacon, and the refined carbohydrate, making it a dicey place to call home if your drug of choice is food (as it is and has always been mine).”

Pam Hurn started her life as a fashion designer, but later she moved into entrepreneurship. Her life before she met and married Ed McMahon, was a complete disaster.

Pam Hurn was married to Ed McMahon for seventeen years

Pam Hurn’s late husband, Ed McMahon married three times in his lifetime. His first marriage was to a woman named Alyce Ferrell. The two got married on July 5, 1945, while he was a flight instructor with the United States Marines. Twenty-seven years after marriage, they got separated in 1972 and finally divorced two years later.

In Ed’s first marriage, he had four children with his wife. The children were Claudia McMahon, Michael Edward, Linda McMahon, and Jeffrey McMahon. The first child, Claudia, was born in 1946. She was followed by Michael, who was born in 1951. Linda and Jeffrey were next in line, and they were both born in the 60s.

After the failure of Ed McMahon’s first marriage, he went ahead to marry for the second time. This time he married another woman named Victoria Valentine on March 6, 1976, in a private wedding ceremony. The couple did not have any biological children together, but they adopted a daughter called Katherine Mary in 1985. The marriage ended in divorce in 1989, with Ed being asked to pay a $50000 divorce settlement for spousal and child support.

Pam Hurn and Ed McMahon got married on February 22, 1992. The wedding ceremony of the couple took place in Las Vegas. Ed’s adopted daughter, Katherine Mary was the best person for the wedding ceremony. At the time of Pam’s marriage to Ed, she was 37 years old. It is also known that she had a son from a previous relationship, called Alex.

Pam and Ed remained married until the latter’s demise on June 23, 2009. Before Ed’s death, he lived together with Pam in an apartment in Avalon, New Jersey.

In an interview, Pam disclosed how Ed fell in love with her the very moment they first met. She also talked about how the late announcer loved her. She said: ”Ed loved me for me; for the woman I was at the very moment we met.  Not for who I could be if I would only stop eating, start exercising and lose thirty pounds.  Not if I was prettier, smarter, a better wife, mother, stepmother, daughter, sister, or friend.. he accepted me, and adored me, but more importantly, Ed was proud of me.  Even if the only thing that fit were a pair of XXL elastic banded sweats pants and one of his “Humungo” Tonight Show t-shirts.  I never had anyone love me that way before… through thick and thin (literally!).  He was my knight in shining armor. The problem was that I never learned to love myself.”