Who is Patrick Boyriven?: Mariette Hartley’s Second Husband

Who is Patrick Boyriven?: Mariette Hartley's Second Husband

Patrick Boyriven is an Italian movie producer who rose to more global visibility through his marriage to Mariette Hartley, a film and television actress widely known for her role in The Incredible Hulk(1978) and Ride The High Country(1962).

Both Patrick and his ex-wife, Mariette, have married three times. While all of Patrick’s three marriages have ended in a divorce, his ex-wife has been divorced twice and is currently in her third marriage. Patrick was the second husband of Mariette, and Mariette was the first wife of Patrick.

This blog post has all the available information about Patrick and his marriage to Mariette Hartley.

Who is Patrick Boyriven?

Patrick was born Patrick Francois Boyriven on March 29, 1938. He was born in Colombes, France. He is a French national and belongs to the white ethnicity. He had his childhood and teenage years in Italy but moved to the United States of America in his early adult life. Information concerning his family background, educational background and other personal information is yet to be disclosed to the public.

Patrick Boyriven is a producer and a director by profession. According to his IMDB profile, he is credited with the production of The Incredible Hulk(1977)(His ex-wife, Mariette, was cast in the movie), V(1983) and V: The Final Battle(1984).

His IMDB profile reveals that Patrick has been married three times, but all of these marriages have ended in a divorce.

His marriage to Mariette Hartley

From the above, we know that Patrick Boyriven was first married to Mariette. The former couple first met on the production set of the movie The Incredible Hulk(1977). They later started dating after the movie production and married on August 13, 1978.

Before they married, Mariette divorced her first husband, John Seventa, to whom she had been married for two years without any child. There was no wedding ceremony for the marriage. The couple did legal registration for the union and lived together.

The union between Patrick and his first wife, Mariette, lasted 22 years. They got divorced in 2005 due to an undisclosed reason. Their marriage produced two children. The children are Patrick Michael and Justine Emilia. Patrick was born in 1975, while Justine was born in 1978. Not much is known about the children because their parents have kept them from the media.

Patrick Boyriven married his second wife, Miriam Marshall, on November 5, 1968. He had a child with her and divorced her in October 1977. After the failure of his second marriage, he went ahead to get married for the third time to another woman called Barbara King.

Mariette Hartley, after her divorce from Patrick, went on to get married to her third husband, Jerry Sroka, in 2005. The two have been married to date. According to Mariette’s Wikipedia profile, the couple have co-written a romantic comedy based on their lives. It was released in 2022 and is titled Our Almost Completely True Story.

Patrick Boyriven’s Ex-wife: Mariette Hartley

Patrick Boyriven’s ex-wife, Mariette Hartley, is an American actress, activist and author. Her role in the movies like Peyton PlaceThe Incredible Hulk and Goodnight, Beantown shot her to global recognition.

Her other movie roles include Improper ChannelsRide the High Country, Marnie, etc. Her outstanding performance in an episode in a television series titled The Rockford Files won her an Emmy Award.

Mariette has written two memoirs titled Breaking the Silence and The Third Act. In these two memoirs, she shared her struggles with bipolar disorders, alcoholism, and domestic violence.

She co-founded the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and is a spokesperson for several mental health organizations. She continues to act and advocate for social causes.