Steven Lubensky: Who is Brooke Smith’s husband?

By | September 6, 2023
Steven Lubensky: Who is Brooke Smith's husband?

Steven Lubensky is an American cinematographer renowned for his skill in photographing movies and television shows. In addition, Steven is well-known for being married to famous American actress Brooke Smith. Fanny Grace and Lucy are the two children of the couple. Steven Lubensky married Brooke Smith on January 6, 1999, with a small group attending the wedding.

Steven is one of those people who lives a secret life, which must be due to their introverted and secretive personality. Concerning his family and early years, there is no information accessible. While Loise Eileen Smith is his mother-in-law, and Gene Smith is his father-in-law’s father, Brooke Smith. However, it is said that Steven comes from a highly illustrious family; therefore, he must have attended top universities and completed his education there.

Steven Lubensky is a cinematographer

Steven Lubensky has always had a strong interest in photography and movies. He consistently recorded videos and played around with the camera when he was younger. He became one of Hollywood’s most successful cinematographers because of his conviction that he cared about cameras. According to some accounts, he studied filmmaking at a university in the USA.

Steven Lubensky has contributed to various films and documentaries as an assistant cameraman in the electrical department. He contributed to Mercy (1995), which depicts the daughter of a well-known attorney taken by a couple of individuals. They now want money to return her, but they want more than just money. They seek retribution.  

Steven Lubensky also contributed to the movie Finding North in 1998. Screwball romance centered on a lady (Makkena) who loses her banking position when her friends arrange for a stripper to perform at the bank on her birthday. She then encounters Hickey, a man she had previously witnessed leap from a bridge and presumed had killed himself. She accompanies him to Texas since she has nothing else to do. She gradually learns that he is gay and is saddened by the AIDS-related passing of his previous boyfriend.

Steven Lubensky also helped produce the movie Series 7: The Contenders, where a TV show chooses people at random to kill one another for popularity and their liberty.

Steven Lubensky has three children; two biological and one adopted

Steven Lubensky and his wife, Brooke Smith, married and produced two children but also adopted another. Fanny Grace Lubensky, their daughter, was born in New York City. The couple adopted Lucy Dinknesh Lubensky, a child from Ethiopia, in May 2008. The family resides in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles, and the Upper West Side of New York City. There are not many details regarding the lives of his children since he prefers to keep their lives away from the spotlight.

Brook Smith: Steven Lubensky’s wife

Steven Lubensky married Brooke Smith, a famous American actress, photographer, and author best known for her roles as Dr. Erica Hahn on the ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, Sheriff Jane Greene on the A&E horror series Bates Motel, and Catherine Martin in the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs. She has also had roles in other movies and made guest appearances and regular appearances on numerous television shows, including Big Sky and Them.

Steven Lubensky’s wife, Brooke Smith, was a New York City native. Her mother, Lois Smith, had collaborated with Robert Redford and other actors and filmmakers; her father, Eugene “Gene” Smith, was a publisher. Smith grew up in Rockland County but was active in the Lower East Side of Manhattan’s hardcore punk scene in the 1980s.

Steven Lubensky’s wife, Brooke Smith, played a part in the “Dirty Sexy Money” pilot that she created, but she was replaced when she joined the “Grey’s Anatomy” cast. Conflicting explanations from Smith and the show’s creator for her departure from “Grey’s Anatomy” caused controversy.

Steven Lubensky’s wife, Brooke Smith, played parts in popular television shows including “Bates Motel,” “Ray Donovan,” and “Unbelievable.” She began playing a regular role in “Big Sky” in 2020. She made a foray into photography in 2022 and published a book with images from the Manhattan hardcore punk movement.