Who is Teresa Parkerson?: Facts About Tristan Roger’s Wife

Who is Teresa Parkerson?: Facts About Tristan Roger's Wife

Who is Teresa Parkerson?

Teresa Parkerson is famously known as the spouse of famous Australian soap opera actor Tristan Roger. Teresa Parkerson and Tristan Roger married on May 21, 1995. Not much is known about the marriage and Teresa Parkerson’s personal life, as they probably prefer to keep it away from the media. However, the press has a capture of the couple’s move into their beautiful Palm Springs Home. 

It was captured that Teresa Parkerson did not want their newborn Sara raised in LA, so they moved in 1993 since it was easier and safer to make friends. “When Teresa found out she was pregnant with our son, Cale, we knew we needed something a little bigger, and we always wanted a guest room for friends who would drop in from LA,” Tristan made this known in an interview with Closerweekly.

Regardless, they moved again after a few years to a ranch house, which had four bedrooms and a spectacular environment.


Information on Teresa Parkerson’s career path has not been available to the general public. It is, therefore, still being determined what she did for a living. It is assumed Teresa Parkerson prefers to keep her life away from the media. However, since her spouse Tristan Roger was in the movie industry, there is a possibility Teresa Parkerson’s career revolves around that.


Regarding the children of Teresa Parkerson and Tristan Roger, some sources say the couple have two children. A son named Cale Rogers was born in August 1996, and a daughter named Sara Rogers was born on August 25, 1992. Specific details regarding their children are almost impossible due to a personal decision to keep their lives off the media.

Tristan Rogers: Teresa Parkerson’s Husband

Teresa Parkerson’s husband, actor Tristan Rogers, an Australian-American, was born on June 3, 1946. He is best remembered for his roles as Robert Scorpio on the ABC serial opera General Hospital and as Jake in the animated film The Rescuers Down Under from Walt Disney Pictures. On General Hospital, he currently plays Robert Scorpio.

Melbourne is where Teresa Parkerson’s husband Rogers was born. He had brief runs in the Australian television soap operas Bellbird, Number 96 (1974), and The Box (1975) in his early acting appearances. He played recurring parts in the 13-episode police drama The Link Men (1970) and Division 4 and guest appearances in the 1976 miniseries Power Without Glory and Barrier Reef. In the early 1970s, he also made many British movies, including Four Dimensions of Greta (1972), The Flesh and Blood Show (1972), and Sex Farm (1973).

From December 1980 through February 1992, Tristan Rogers, debuted on General Hospital. Due to his association with the enormously successful “super couple” Luke and Laura, whose 1981 wedding attracted 30 million viewers and is still the highest-rated episode in American soap opera history, Robert Scorpio became popular and became a recurring character on General Hospital.

Even though Rogers’ Scorpio had been “killed with no body found” when he left the show in 1992, Teresa Parkerson’s husband, Tristan Rogers, briefly made a comeback as the character in 1995 to console Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), who was mourning the death of her boyfriend to an AIDS-related illness and was also HIV-positive at the time. In January 2006, he made another six-week visit, and this time, Scorpio was very much alive.

On December 8, 2010, Rogers returned to daytime television when he joined The Young and the Restless cast as Colin Atkinson. In February 2011, he signed a contract with the program. But in October 2011, Rogers’ character was eliminated from the show. He temporarily took on the position again in 2012.