Who is Clementine Igou? : Novelist and Girlfriend of Gerard Depardieu

By | June 20, 2023
Who is Clementine Igou? : Novelist and Girlfriend of Gerard Depardieu

Clementine Igou is a French novelist and the girlfriend of Gerard Depardieu. Clementine’s boyfriend, Gerard Depardieu, is a French actor and film maker, who has worked with over 150 renowned movie directors and starred in over 250 movies as a lead actor, according to his Wikipedia page.

Who is Clementine Igou?

Clementine Igou was born in 1977, and is 46 years old now. She was born in an undisclosed location in France. She is a French citizen, and belongs to the white race. She has kept information concerning her parent and family background away from the public.

Clementine, who spends most of her time in between Italy and France, is a graduate of the prestigious Havard University. She graduated from the school with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature. She took on a career in novel writing, and is now a novelist. Some of her novels include The Last Woman, Mammuth, Police, Cesar Awards, e.t.c.

Though Clementine Igou is successful in her novel career, she is also the marketing director for a wine company called Tuscan Vineyard. Her claim to fame is her romantic relationship with Gerard Depardieu.

Her relationship with Gerard Depardieu

Clementine Igou is in the limelight due to her union with Gerard Depardieu. The two love birds, as told by The Sun magazine, met in Italy in 2004. They got closer because of their love for wine. Since Clementine works with a wine company, she has a lot of knowledge about wines. Gerard on the other hand, also owns a wine company in Italy.

They started dating the next year 2005, after their first meeting. They have remained together to date. They have no children together. Initially, they kept their relationship on the low. Their first time together in public was in 2014, when they were photographed at a movie premiere.

News of Clementine Igou’s relationship with Gerard started a lot of conversations online. This is because of the age difference between the novelist and the actor. The age difference between the two is thirty years.

Clementine used to live a low profile life before she met Gerard, therefore there is no information on any of her previous relationships. There is no information to confirm whether she has a child or not.

On the other hand, Gerard has been married once, which ended in a divorce. He has also been involved with many other women. He first married a French actress called Elisabeth Guignot in 1970, with whom he had two children. He also had a child with Karine Silla. He also had a son with a woman named Helene Bizot, who died of pneumonia in October 2008, at age 31.

Though Clementine Igou and her boyfriend, Gerard Depardieu are not officially married, they have lived together since 2005 to date.

Clementine’s boyfriend, Gerard Depardieu is facing multiple rape charges

Gerard Depardieu, who was born on December 27, 1948, has been accused by over thirteen women of rape. The face charge against the 74 year old actor was in 2018, when an actress accused him of raping her. Since the allegation against him in 2018m he has been under investigations to date.

Over the period between 2018 and the time of writing this blog post, there have been over thirteen women, who have come out to accuse the OSCAR nominated actor of rape. Many of these women are actresses.

Gerard is said to have committed all of his sexual crimes on movie sets. His vcitims claim those on the set either laughed or make fun of what the actor did to them. “Adults let an actor fondle my breasts in front of everyone,” one of his victims confessed.

Clementine Igou’s boyfriend has denied all the charges leveled against him. He deny any knowlegde of what the women are saying about him. ┬áHis lawyer said : “formally denies all the charges which may fall under criminal law”. There are many open investigations on the charges and the actor may face the law if he is found guilty.

In June 2023, Gerard announced that he was going to aution his art collection, which is worth between 3 to 5 million dollars. He has been collecting these various art works for a long time and though it was best for him to sell them.

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