Paul Burton Wilson, Patrick Wilson’s brother

Paul Burton Wilson, Patrick Wilson's brother

Who is Paul Burton Wilson?

Paul Burton Wilson is an American actor popularly known to be the brother of Patrick Wilson. Paul’s brother, Patrick Wilson, is also an actor known for his role as a demonologist in the movie Conjuring Universe.

Paul Burton Wilson is also known to have been briefly married to actress Jacqueline Allen. Jacqueline Allen is an American actress credited with a short movie, Date of Loss. She is not to be confused with a Texas-born actress with the same name, remembered for her role in the 1935 movie, Here’s The Gang.

How old is Paul Burton Wilson?

Paul Burton Wilson was born on December 12, 1967, in Richmond, Virginia, in the United States of America. He is 55 years old at the time of writing this blog post. He is the son of John Wilson and Mary K. Wilson, both natives of Richmond, Virginia. His father, John, was a news anchor, and his mother, Mary, was a voice teacher and a singer. He is also the brother of actor Patrick Wilson and Mark Wilson.

Paul is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnicity. He attended Edinburg High School. Later, he went to Florida State University to study acting after he had studied the basics at an acting school in London. He went to the University of South Florida, where he graduated with a higher certificate in Fine Arts in 1993.

Patrick Wilson’s brother, Paul, started his acting career as a stage actor performing Shakespeare for many years. He is an actor, producer and writer by profession. He also has a side career in music. He is the leading vocalist for a Florida-based band and has performed with orchestra and symphonies for over 25 years.

Paul Burton Wilson made his first movie debut in a 2003 movie titled Citizen Verdict. He starred in the movie with other actors like Armand Assante and Roy Scheider. He also starred in Angels In America (2003) with his junior brother, Patrick Wilson. He was featured in the movie because the director, Mike Nichols, thought it would be nice for the two brothers to be in a movie together.

Some of Paul’s credited movies include Big Stine Gap (2014), The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021)The First Lady (2022), etc. He is currently married to Jacqueline Allen, and together they have two children, according to his IMDB profile.

As a movie writer, Paul Burton Wilson has been credited with four movies. These movies are Our Top Stories (2022), She Cried Wolf (2022), Florida Men (2022) and Unwelcome In America: Too Black for Justice (2022).

Paul Burton Wilson’s brother: Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson was born in Norfolk, Virginia, on July 3, 1973. He is 49 years old. Patrick shares the same parents as his elder brother, Paul. His career took a start in 1995 when he featured in Broadway musicals. He has ever since been featured in many highly-rated movies.

He is mostly known for his role as Ed Warren in the movie Conjuring Universe. Some of his other known movies include The Phantom of The Opera (2004), Hardy Candy (2005), Little Children (2005), The A-Team (2010), Fargo (2015), etc.

Paul Burton Wilson’s brother, Patrick, has won many awards and nominations throughout his career. His role in The Full Monty movie won him a Best Actor award. He attended Shorecrest Preparatory School in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he grew up with his older brother, Mark and Paul. Patrick went to Carnegie Mellon University after high school to study Fine Arts. He graduated from the school in 1995.

He made his acting debut in 1995 when he starred in a movie titled Miss Saigon, where he was the understudy for the main actor. According to Wikipedia, an understudy is someone who learns all the lines of an actor so that they can replace the actor in case of sickness or any unforeseen circumstances.

After his debut, he got the chance to feature in major roles. He has been active from 1995 to date.