Who is Joanie Zeck? :Dennis Franz’s Wife

Who is Joanie Zeck? :Dennis Franz's Wife

Who is Dennis Franz’s wife, Joanie?

Joanie Zeck is famously known as the wife of retired actor Dennis Franz, who starred in many shows and movies in the 80s and 90s. Joanie Zeck’s date of birth is unknown to the public, but it is assumed she would be close to her husband, who is currently 78 years old.

Joanie met her husband in 1982 at a Hollywood nightclub and married in 1995 in California. It is known that at the time the couple first met, Dennis was furious due to an incident that happened at the night club. They started few months after their first meeting, and tied the knot after thirteen years of dating.

Dennis Franz and his wife, Joanie, own a house in Idaho next to a lake, where they primarily reside during the summer. However, they reside in California full-time. The family enjoys spending time near lakes, swimming, and fishing. Also, they have visited Cuba, Argentina, India, and Europe throughout their travels.

Joanie Zeck’s career

Details about Joanie Zeck’s career have yet to be known, but it is believed she owned a successful executive gifts and promotions business. Only a little information about that is available, but we can boldly say she was a successful businesswoman.

Her claim to fame is her marriage to Dennis Franz, and also her appearnace on Who Wants To Be Rich television show, as an audience member.

Joanie Zeck is a mother of two

Joanie Zeck has two children from a previous marriage; their names are; Tricia and Krista. However, Franz disclosed to the Chicago Tribune that Zeck’s children had adopted his name in June of the same year.

The devoted father said in an interview, “Kristina and Tricia are Joanie’s daughters, and because Joanie and I have been together for 13 years, I consider them to be my own. They’ve stolen my name”.

Joanie Zeck’s husband : Dennis Franz

As mentioned earlier, Dennis Franz is the second husband of Joainie Zeck. He is a former American actor well known for his role as NYPD Detective Andy Sipowicz in the series NYPD Blue (1993–2005). He won a Golden Globe Award, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Primetime Emmy Awards for this role. 

Dennis Franz Schlachta was born in Maywood, Illinois, on October 28, 1944. He played two distinct characters on the comparable NBC series Hill Street Blues (1983, 1985–1987) and its brief offshoot Beverly Hills Buntz (1987–1988). He was the son of German immigrants Franz Ferdinand Schlachta, a baker, and Eleanor (née Mueller), a postal worker from an Ashkenazi Jewish family. Heidi Deigl and Marlene Schraut, his two older sisters, were born in 1935 and 1938, respectively.

Dennis graduated from Maywood’s Proviso East High School in 1962. He participated in baseball, football, and swimming while in high school. He studied at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, earning a bachelor’s degree in speech and drama in 1968. He also attended Wilbur Wright College. Franz was enlisted in the American Army soon after receiving his undergraduate degree. He served in Vietnam for eleven months with the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions.

Dennis Franz started his acting career in Chicago’s Organic Theater Company and worked with directors Brian De Palma and Robert Altman. Franz appeared in films and TV shows like Hill Street Blues, The A-Team, and Hunter. He won four Emmys for portraying Sipowicz and was ranked among the most significant TV characters. Franz also had cameo appearances, voiced a character in a cartoon series, and participated in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. After retiring in 2005, he expressed interest in returning to acting. He resides in Idaho and supports veterans’ causes.

In the course of the marriage between Joanie and her husband, Dennis, the couple are mostly seen together at various outdoor events. The couple were seen together at the 80th birthday celebration of Frank Sinatra in Los Angeles.