Who is Ruben Lira?: Cynthia Klitbo’s Ex-husband

Who is Ruben Lira?: Cynthia Klitbo's Ex-husband

Who was Cynthia Klitbo’s Third Husband?

Ruben Lira is a Mexican artistic coordinator who was formerly the spouse of Mexican actress Cynthia Klitbo. Ruben Lira was born in 1977 and was 10 years younger than Cynthia. Ruben Lira and Cynthia Klibo got together in 2005, and Cynthia got pregnant shortly.

The news was, however, good news to them because Cynthia was unable to have children, but with this, a miracle occurred. Besides Ruben Lira and Cynthia having children together, Ruben already had two children from his previous relationships. The couple dated from 2005, but in the year 2006, things ended. However, the couple gave each other another chance at love in 2008, but things ended in 2009.

As mentioned earlier, Ruben Lira is an artistic coordinator, a professional who inspects the visual aspects of programs or projects. He works with artists, designers and other staff to set aims and plan and produce project guidelines. It is unknown what exactly he does, but according to his line of work, it is believed this is what he does for a living.

Ruben Lira had a daughter with Cynthia Klitbo

Ruben Lira and Cynthia Klitbo gave birth to a daughter, Elisa Fernanda, on August 1, 2006. Due to the couple’s shaky relationship, it was confirmed that it had a severe effect on their daughter’s mental health. The actress acknowledged that Elisa Fernanda needed psychiatric care due to emotional issues she was having following her four-year relationship with Rubén Lira’s total distancing from her daughter. 

Sources say that this effect brought about violent behaviours, even causing Elisa to beat up schoolmates at a very young age. The psychologist said what she had was anger at the parental abandonment. The birthday was not open to her. Many mothers and children still belong to the “don’t talk to her” group. All of this rejection has been a trying period for my kid,” the actress said.

As a result, Ruben Lira’s ex, Cynthia, learned a valuable lesson from this experience and doesn’t involve the people she dates with her kid anymore. The lack of a male in their lives has contributed to the unusual closeness and complicity that characterize Cynthia’s connection with her daughter. The actress had to put in a lot of work to raise her daughter alone, but over 13 years later, she is proud of her eldest child, so it has all been worthwhile.

Ruben Lira was married to Cynthia Klitbo for two years

Ruben Lira has been involved in other relationships, but the media failed to capture most of them. This was probably because they were not famous personalities. However, in 2005, Ruben got involved with Mexican actress Cynthia Klitbo, born on March 11, 1967, and has appeared in theatre, telenovelas, and Mexican films. 

Cynthia Klitbo, was born to a Mexican mother and a Danish father in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. In 1987, she made her TV debut in a supporting role in the telenovela Como Duele Callar Amor en Silencio. Soon after, she starred in Cadenas de Amargura, Yo Compro Esa Mujer, Mi Segunda Madre, and Como Duele Callar Amor en Silencio.

Following a short break, She returned to the small screen with La Dueña in the mid-1990s. Cynthia became one of the most well-known actresses of her time with her roles in Alguna vez Tendremos, El Privilegio de Amar, and La Casa en la Playa. 

Ruben’s ex-spouse gained international recognition for her telenovela work. She has appeared as a protagonist, but her villainous roles are what have made her most well-known. Klitbo’s depiction of the jealous and insane Laura in La Duena, opposite Angelica Rivera, serves as one illustration. She was awarded a trophy in the Premios TvyNovelas for best antagonist for her depiction of Tamara in El Privilegio de Amar. Klitbo had to shave her head during a sequence in the telenovela above to convey her character’s emotional devastation and madness.

Cynthia Klitbo also directed Carla Estrada’s telenovela Alborada in 2005. But after a falling out between the two TV personalities, Klitbo abandoned the project a few days later. She took part in the Mexican version of Strictly Come Dancing, called Bailando por un sueño (“Dancing for a Dreamm”), later in the year (the US version is called Dancing with the Stars).