Who is Tracy Boulware?: Darryl Strawberry’s Wife

By | September 12, 2023
Who is Tracy Boulware?: Darryl Strawberry's Wife

Tracy Boulware is known to be the wife of former MLB star Darryl Strawberry. Tracy is a minister, just as her husband is now. Before her husband became who he is, he was in and out of drug rehab facilities. In April 2002, he received 18 months in jail for breaking his probation. Things started to go better after his release from prison in 2003. He works for SportsNet New York as an analyst. His autobiography, Straw: Finding My Way, which he co-wrote with novelist John Strausbaugh, was released on April 28, 2009.

He had already met Tracy Boulware by that point. While at a symposium for drug treatment, the pair became friends. In 2006, she married him a third time. The “Darryl Strawberry Foundation,” an organization committed to helping children with autism, was created by both active churchgoers. Tracy Boulware is not your average MLB wag, but she is married to a legend of the game and a fierce woman. Tracy Boulware and her husband, Darryl Strawberry, currently reside in Missouri.

Tracy Boulware is a Christian minister

Tracy Boulware, who now goes as Tracy Strawberry, is an ordained minister like her famous husband. According to Strawberry Ministries.com, the couple aims to use their testimony to encourage people to Jesus Christ. 

Tracy Boulware’s life has changed since then, and she is now the founder of and the Author of The Imperfect Marriage and Help for Those Who Think It’s Over. Next Generation of Greatness-Born Unique Ministry-Training Teens to Live in the Power of Christ-President/CEO of Strawberry Ministries & Straw Marketing, LLC.

The pair stays active by traveling around and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to reconcile people with God. Tracy has a doctorate in theology with a concentration on cultural restoration and leadership, a master’s degree in business administration and management, a bachelor’s degree in ministry leadership, and several more.

She co-authored a book with Finding Your Way creator Darryl Tracy and released Clean Sober & Saved Christ-Centered Recovery Curriculums.

Tracy Boulware is a mother of three

Three sons were born to Tracy Boulware. She also was married twice and got a divorce. She admits that by age 30, she had been mired in an addictive lifestyle and several unhealthful relationships. The couple does not have a child together yet, but her husband, Darryl, had two children with his first wife, Lisa Andrews, and three more children with his second wife, Charisse Strawberry: a son, Jordan, and two daughters, Jade and Jewel. It is, however, not known to the public if Tracy Boulware had any children from her past relationships.

Tracy Boulware’s husband is an ex-convict

Tracy Boulware’s husband, Author, and former Major League Baseball (MLB) right fielder, Darryl Eugene Strawberry, was born in the United States on March 12, 1962. Henry and Ruby Strawberry gave birth to Darryl Strawberry in Los Angeles, California. Along with Chris Brown, he was a Crenshaw High School Cougars baseball team member. Michael Strawberry, Darryl’s elder brother, was a successful baseball player and a great athlete.  

He played 17 seasons in MLB. With his 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m) size, long, looping swing that drew similarities to Ted Williams, and enormous home runs during his career, Strawberry was regarded as one of the sport’s most feared sluggers.

The New York Mets and New York Yankees both won World Series titles in 1986 and 1999, respectively, with the assistance of Darryl Strawberry, also known by the nicknames The Straw Man and Straw. Many stories about his enormous talent not being realized resulted from the fact that MLB suspended him three times for substance misuse. Strawberry was a well-liked player who, from 1984 through 1991, was selected for eight consecutive All-Star Games. For SportsNet New York, Strawberry formerly worked as an analyst. In April 2009, the two authors of Straw: Finding My Way, his autobiography, released it.

Tracy Boulware’s husband, Darryl, has fought drug addiction, endured three divorces, and had financial challenges. He has, however, also been outspoken about his beliefs and converted to Christianity. He has published several books, including his autobiography “Straw: Finding My Way,” and he has used his platform to support other people battling addiction.

Darryl Strawberry’s place in baseball history is certain despite his difficulties. He significantly influenced the game since he was a fantastic player and a feared batter. He will always be regarded as one of history’s most significant figures.

In addition to having issues with cocaine and alcohol, he acknowledged having a sex addiction. His 1985 bride, Lisa Andrews, whom he had previously married, requested a divorce in 1987 on the grounds of physical abuse. In 1993, the divorce was finally formalized. He has two kids with his wife, Darryl Jr. and Diamond Nicole.

Tracy Boulware’s husband, Darryl, in 1993, wed Charisse Strawberry, his second wife, although they divorced in 2006. His girlfriend Charisse had reported abuse before getting married. However, she decided not to press charges and wed him. A son called Jordan and two girls named Jade and Jewel make up the family’s three named children.

His third and current wife, Tracy Boulware, became his wife in 2006. After meeting her at a Narcotics Anonymous gathering in Florida in 2003, he began dating her. When Strawberry received a one-and-a-half-year jail sentence in 2002 for probation breaches associated with drug misuse, he found himself in serious legal difficulty.

After serving in prison in 2003, he started to get sober again. Strawberry is a fervent supporter of their church congregation and formed the Darryl Strawberry Foundation to collect money for autism. In addition to serving as a broadcast commentator and spring training teacher with the Mets, Strawberry was elected into the organization’s Hall of Fame in 2010.